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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planned Covers

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A list of songs that I want to learn/record eventually, whether by myself, or as part of a band. I will update this list over time. Any suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind that bass is my main focus. Bold entries are ones I have recorded.

  1. "A Better Place, A Better Time" Streetlight Manifesto. Bass
  2. "Airplanes" B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams. Bass
  3. "Apple Trees" Ozma. Bass
  4. "Big Bang" Aesop Rock. Bass
  5. "Beautiful Disaster" 311. Bass
  6. "Borderlands" [UG's own] Thorbor. Bass
  7. "Brainstorm" Beck- Mongolian Chop Squad. Bass
  8. "Daylight" Aesop Rock. Bass
  9. "Everything Went Numb" Streetlight Manifesto. Bass
  10. "Flight of Yuri Gagarin" Ozma. Bass
  11. "Float On" Modest Mouse. Bass, Guitar
  12. "Freewill" Rush. Bass
  13. "Gang Control" Morning Glory. Bass
  14. "Ghostship Pt. 5" Fall of Troy. Bass
  15. "Hallowed Be Thy Enemy" Wax Audio. Bass
  16. "King For A Day" Green Day. Bass
  17. "Kiss Me" Sixpence None The Richer. Bass
  18. "Korobeniki" Ozma. Bass
  19. "Labor" Aesop Rock. Bass
  20. "Little Sister" Queens of the Stone Age. Bass
  21. "Maxwell Murder" Rancid. Bass
  22. "Mendoza" Mustard Plug. Bass
  23. "Message In A Bottle" The Police. bass
  24. "Misery Business" Paramore. Bass
  25. "Our Lady of Sorrows" My Chemical Romance. Bass
  26. "Pain for Pleasure" Sum 41. Bass
  27. "Paranoid" Black Sabbath. Bass
  28. "Party Hard" Andrew W.K. Bass
  29. "Peace Sells" Megadeth. Bass
  30. "Roots Radicals" Rancid. Bass plan to redo
  31. "Santeria" Sublime. Bass
  32. "Suddenly I See" KT Tunstall. Bass
  33. "Superman" Goldfinger. Bass
  34. "Supermassive Black Hole" Muse. Bass
  35. "Swing Life Away" Rise Against. Acoustic Guitar
  36. "Take A Minute" K'naan. Bass
  37. "Thigh High Nylons" Mustard Plug. Bass
  38. "Throw A Bomb" Mustard Plug. Bass
  39. "Warning" Green Day. Bass
  40. "Where Is My Mind?" The Pixies. Bass, Acoustic, Electric
  41. "Wine Red" The Hush Sounds. Bass
  42. "Wrong Way" Sublime. Bass
  43. "YYZ" Rush. Bass
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