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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

hmmm...idk what to say :)

its ok if some one u love is mean to you :) i love you too xoxox ur so beautiful you knw who u are ;)
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Friday, May 27, 2011

solitude begs us to stay...

Current mood: disappointed

Thoughts of Love
Thoughts of Hate
Sorrowful Thought
All lead to Fate...

A girl i loved once...
Oh, how i loved when she puts me into trance.
She gave me all the right reasons to love her.
n now she just left. she forgot me and left me.

Every time i thought about her...i skip a heart beat.
When i lay my head at night all i think about is her...
i know she is glad i was her friend so she could hurt me in the end.
And as solitude begs me to stay.
here i stand with open wounds...wounds that wont ever heal.

however in my imagination we meet...
thats the only place that she's sweet
thats where she makes my heart leap...

Thoughts of love
Thoughts of Hate
sorrowful Thought
All lead to fate...
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

my first song. written in april 2009.

Power CHORDS...E, D, C for verses and sencond chorus. for first chorus is standard chords...E,D,C. its my easiest song. bridge is pure picking.

Verse 1:
My veins burst as you walk away
mind full of thoughts...nothing to say.
walls between us, skies of gray.
this poison killing me day by day

Pre chorus:
and i'm just here to say...

Loneliness is what i feel, sitting here alone (a little humming part)
Loneliness is what i feel, sitting here alone..and am waiting.
Loneliness is what i feel, sitting here alone...and am waitin for u.
Loneliness is what i feel, sitting here alone...I've been waiting for u

Verse 2:
Your words are like rods through my heart
holding on to this as the end slowly frays.
On this lonely bed for long hours i lay.
i fall to my knees...but cant pray.
you say the truth, but they're all lies.
can somebody please hear my cries...hear my cries...PLEASE hear my cries!

Chorus 2:
loneliness is what i feel sitting here...and am waitig for you
Only for you my love.

There's one thing i'd sell my soul for...
and thats to hear u say..

Our lives dont have to end in tragedy
I have you...and you have me.
I love you...and you love me.

i knw it aint all that good. but it was my first song. cut some slack.haha.

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