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Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite 80s Songs

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I've been bored and realized while listening to some alternative radio station that there are a ton of singles from the 80s that kick ass. So I decided to make a list of some of my favorite songs of the 80s. They're all mostly really popular and really catchy radio hits, but I love them all so screw you indie kids...
In no order:
Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Coming Home)
It's spacey, and has such a ridiculously good and unexpected chorus that seems to come out of nowhere.
Big Country - In A Big Country
This might be my favorite of the 80s songs. The celtic, bagpipe synth guitar whatever sound is sortof subtle, but it's noticeable enough to go "holy shit that's awesome."
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Liking this song the most of all Cure songs probably makes Cure fans want to punch me. But whatever, this is a fantastic love song.
Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
I gotta bust out my falsetto when I want to listen to this, because it's impossible not to sing to.
Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey
This is 1 of the 3 Grateful Dead songs that I like. It has one of my favorite choruses ever due to its catchiness and simplicity. It just sounds so happy.
Naked Eyes - Always Something There to Remind Me
Cheeky wedding bells in the beginning. I just really dig the lyrics and love the music in general, it's perfect. I know they didn't write the song, but it's still relateable.
Modern English - Melt With You
Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm. I don't know how to type out the low hums, but they are cool. Fun love song.
Prince - Purple Rain
There are songs of his I like better, but I love the guitar in this. I also love when he sings like a woman having an orgasm.  
Sonic Youth - Teen Age Riot
The first Sonic Youth song I ever listened to. It builds and the guitar part is brilliant. On a brilliant album, no less.
I could list many songs, but i'll stop here.
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