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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Blog...

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1. Name? Steven

2. Age? 17
3. School/Grade? 5th Year... 12th Grade?
4. Instruments? Guitar, Dabble in Bass & Keyboards
5. Male or Female? Male
6. Virgin? Nope
7. Live with parents? God Yes
8. Do you drive? No
9. Are you on other forums? Which ones? HMS, Powebored, Nintendoism
10. Do any drugs/drink? Weed...
11. How often? Not too often
12. How long have you been doing them? Since... July?
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? Nuh-uh
14. What for? Read above
15. Single or taken? Taken, almost 2 years now  :)
16. Pregnant/have any kids? No
17. Typical Saturday night? Play Guitar, Talk to my gf on the phone, Internetz, Get stoned if special occasion
18. Involved in sports? Does swimming count?
19. Other Activities? Guitar...?
20. Hobbies/passions? Guitar, Reading, Drawing, Internetting
21. What are your greatest possessions? Guitars, iPod, CD's
22. Where were you born? Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland
23. Favorite game system? Nintendo 64, GC, Wii, DS
24. Favorite genres of music? Prog Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death
25. Fave UGer? All of you guys  :)
26. Hottest UGer? I 'unno...
27. Most helpful UGer? The Mods...
28. Mottos for life? See a cent, pick it up, all day long you'll have a cent
29. Favorite teams? Team sports aren't mah thang
30. Your greatest accomplishments? Playing in front of a 250+ Crowd; getting headbutted by Randy Blythe
31. Best feeling in the world is? Playing on stage/sex
32. Siblings? 2
33. What's your hairstyle? long, straight, tied back
34. Have a myspace, what is it?
35. Are you in a band? Yup :
36. Fave TV shows? Lost, Prison Break, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, Jackass, Wildboyz, Viva La Bam
37. Buttsecks? What else?
38. What's your favorite holiday? Christmas
39. Favorite time of year? Summer
40. Favorite food? Pizza
41. Do you have a job? Nope
42. Do you want a job? Yes
43. If you have a job, do you like it? N/A
44. Ever been fired? Nope
45. Why? ...
46. What are some crazy things you've done? Got stoned and dressed in nothing but a sleeping bag and pillow on my head (a helmet)...
I proceded to headbutt people until I almost died laughing
47. Where do you know your favorite group of people from? School
48. If you could meet anyone who ever existed who would it be? Jesus, just because
49. If you could go anywhere in the universe, where would you go? From Mars to Sirius
50. You're stranded on an island and only this band's music plays there! Which band/artist do you hope it is? Metallica or Dream Theater

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