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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bulgarian: Pronunciation (PART 2)

Current mood: calm

Welcome back! Hopefully these lessons have been of some use to you. Anyway, here is part two of the first lesson as promised!
If you remember, I marked certain consonants in the previous lesson
that seem to "become" another letter at the end of a word. This is not
entirely true. What changes is the SOUND. This is because those consonants
are 'voiced'. Voiced consonants in Bulgarian have counterparts, called 'unvoiced' consonants. At the end of a word, the voiced consonants become unvoiced, thus a sound change occurs.
Град - street (pronounced 'graht', NOT 'grahd')
Мъж - man (pronounced 'muhsh', NOT 'muhzh')
Газ - gas (pronounced 'gahs', NOT 'gahz')
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Sunday, April 05, 2009


Current mood: numb

Here's a new song I wrote. Now, before you sit there and go "lolo emofag 11", I am not, nor will I ever be, "emo" (though I have no problem with the emo people.) Furthermore, the song is meant to be more "goth" anyway. I wrote it after I had a sudden burst of inspiration while listening to "Hello" by Evanescence. I originally wrote the majority of it in Norwegian, but I thought I'd get more views if I just translated it into English for you guys. If you really want to see the original, just let me know. Anyways, here is "Alone":
I am all alone
no one to say hello to
only goodbye...

I stand now before you
and start to fade away

why did things have to end this way?
why did I have to let you go
I know now what has to be done
I need to think things over
all alone...

Things can never change now
and it's all because of me
I'm so sorry...

I am all alone
no one to say hello to
only goodbye...

I stand now before you
and start to fade away

why did things have to end this way?
why did I have to let you go
I know now what has to be done
I need to think things over
all alone...

all alone...
all alone now...
Please comment :) I like feedback a lot! Post a link if you want C4C as well.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bulgarian: Greetings

Current mood: accomplished

Welcome back to my Bulgarian lessons! First, let's recap on what we reviewed last lesson:
--Pronunciation of Cyrillic characters used in Bulgarian
--Writing your name in Bulgarian
--Special Diphthongs used in many names and words

If you have studied hard, you should be able to write and pronounce in Bulgarian:
--the Cyrillic alphabet(well, most of it)
--your name using the Cyrillic alphabet(again, most of it)

Now, while you may be thinking, "n00b, what's this going to do for me? Mow my lawn? Take out the garbage?", what you don't know is how much that lesson will help you. What if I just randomly threw out, "Благодаря ви много!" could you tell me how it was pronounced, and write it without/with little trouble? If not, Jack, there's the door; take a hike! Review the first lesson, in other words.

Of course, the most important thing is being able to understand Bulgarian, and being understood in Bulgarian. So, here are some basic greetings.


Здравейте- Hello(singular, formal/plural, informal)
Здравей- Hello(singular, informal)
Здрасти- Hello(plural, informal)
Добро Утро- Good morning(used til about 10 am)
Добър Ден- Good afternoon(literally 'Good day'; used til 4-5 pm)
Добър Вечер- Good evening(4-5 pm onwards)
Лека Нощ- Good night(when going to bed; never used when leaving for the night!)


Как си?-  How are you?(singular, informal)
Как сте?- How are you?(singular, formal/plural, informal)
Как е?- How are things going?(informal)
Какво става?- What's up?


Довиждане- Goodbye(formal)
Дочуване- Goodbye(also formal, but uncommon)
Чао- Same as Italian "Ciao"

Not too terrible, eh? If you are afraid of forgetting these words, here is a good suggestion:

Bulgarian Flashcards:

-You can either buy flashcards, or make them yourself by cutting either regular/construction paper into 6 flashcards per page.

-Write the word in Bulgarian on one side, then the English translation and specs(whether it is singular/plural, you get it.)

-Keep a folder where you can store your flashcards for easy reviewing.

Or, you can impress people and just memorize them yourself. But remember, it is always good to have backups

I am also thinking about linking to soundfiles that I will record myself so you can improve your listening and pronunciation. Well, that is about it for this lesson, folks. Again, I would like to thank:

Fassa Albrecht- For inspiring me to write these 'lessons'.
I Learn For letting me learn Bulgarian, of course!
SomeoneYouKnew- Because he is still a smart ass; for that, I applaud him

Watch for more lessons, and soundfiles!

Black Amendment
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bulgarian: Basics/"I am..."

Current mood: accomplished

Welcome back to my Bulgarian lessons! Not that anyone has actually used these Anyways, I won't recap this time(mainly because I want to spare you, and I want to record more Bulgarian phrases). Speaking of which, I will be uploading those very soon(they are wav. files, so I don't know how I will be able to do it.) Well, let us begin, hm?


Да- yes

Не- no

Добре- ok/good/fine

Благодаря- thank (you)

Ви- you(polite) *This is for after 'thank'*

Ти- you(informal)

Много- very much(add to end of thank you)

Моля- please

Ивинете- excuse me

Колко е часа?- what time is it?

Часа е...- the time is...

So, for example, if you wanted to be polite and say, "Thank you very much", you would say in Bulgarian, "
Благодаря ви много". This isn't hard to grasp, I hope? Lucky for you, I recorded this sentence! Perhaps I will record everything I type as well as the Bulgarian... well, moving along then!


Приятно ми се- Nice to meet you

Казвам се- I am called...(your name)

Името ми е- My name is...(your name)

Ние сме-

Аз съм- I am..(from)

От- from

Откъде си?- Where are you from? (Singular)

Откъде сте?- Where are you from? (Plural)

Аз съм от-  I am from...(country/city/state)

Ние сме от- We are from...(country/city/state)

*List is incomplete* I tried to get the most common ones.


Англия- England

Австралия- Australia

Франция- France

Германия- Germany

And that is all I have for this section. Watch for the grammar section(I might not post for awhile, though, since I need some time to actually study my Bulgarian.) Also, I want to thank(again):

Fassa Albrecht- for inspiring me to write these 'lessons'
I Learn for letting me learn Bulgarian, of course!
SomeoneYouKnew- I think you know why...

Until then!
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Bulgarian: Pronunciation and Alphabet

Current mood: accomplished

Hello, and welcome to Bulgarian! Perhaps you are here because you have already begun your journey in learning this language, or perhaps you are simply curious! Whatever your reason, I have revised these lessons for those who are serious about learning, like me. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and/or PM me!

Bulgarian Alphabet and pronunciation:


Аа- 'a' in father (stressed), 'u' in but (unstressed)

Ии- 'ee' in meet (not a diphthong!)

Йй- 'short I' (see diphthongs section below)

Ее- 'e' in met

Оо- 'o' in note (stressed), between 'o' and 'u (unstressed) 

Ъъ- 'i' in sir (stressed), 'a' in about (unstressed)

Уу- 'oo' in cool (stressed), between 'o' and 'u' (unstressed)
Яя- 'ya' in yard

Юю- 'u' in use


Бб- 'b' in boy (at end of word, becomes a 'p')

Вв- 'v' in vest (at end of word, becomes an 'f')

Гг- 'g' in good (at end of word, becomes a 'k')

Дд- 'd' in dog (at end of word, becomes a 't')

Фф- 'f' in fun

Жж- 's' in measure (at end of word, becomes a 'sh')

Хх- 'h' in hotel (but a little harder)

Кк- 'k' in keep

Лл- 'l' in love

Мм- 'm' in mom

Нн- 'n' in none (first 'n')

Пп- 'p' in pat

Рр- 'r' in read (single trill, or "flapped")

Сс- 's' in same

Шш- 'sh' in ship

Щщ- 'shed' in rushed

Тт- 't' in time

Цц- 'ts' in lots

Чч- 'ch' in chip

Ьь- consonant softener (always stands between a consonant and 'o'; pronounced 'yoh')

Зз- 'z' in zoo (at end of word, becomes an 's')

Not too difficult, hm? It will be harder to write it using the Latin alphabet, but if you write this stuff down in the Cyrillic alphabet, it should be a breeze.


There are four diphthongs in Bulgarian. They are:

Ай- 'y' in my (ah-ee blended together)

Ой- 'oy' in boy (oh-ee blended together)

Ей- 'ay' in day (eh-ee blended together)

Ий- 'ee' in meet (ee streched out)

These diphthongs will appear in (mainly) foreign words and names.

Now, for writing names with the 'j' sound (as in judge), Bulgarian combines two letters:

Дж- 'j' in judge

Example: Джейк
Using the pronunciation guide for help, what name is this?
If you said 'Jake', then you are correct. See? It isn't that hard, now is it?
One more thing for names: Make sure that you spell it out using the correct characters based on the PRONUNCIATION of your name, not the English spelling. Take my name, Brendan, for example:
I would spell it 'Бренден', because this is pronounced BREHN-dehn, like my name in English. If I had the 'a' after the 'd', it would be read as BREHN-dahn, which is wrong.

Also, if your name has double consonants (i.e. Jessica, Anna, William, etc.), you write, again, based on pronunciation. Example:

1. If both consonants are pronounced, then write both consonants in Bulgarian--- Анна (Anna)

2. If only one of the two consonants are pronounced, only write one of them in Bulgarian--- Джесика (Jessica; this would actually sound more like jehs-ee-kah)

Get it?

Well, that is about it for pronunciation. I hope these little lessons will help anyone who uses them! Watch out for part 2 of pronunciation for a few more important notes when pronouncing Bulgarian!
Thanks go out to:

Fassa Albrecht- for inspiring me to create these lessons :)

Watch for the next lessons!

Black Amendment

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