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"I most assuredly do not."

"Never mind hot girls in stockings."

Irina tittered. "Babe, if you're having extra fun, even in your alone time, more power to you. I spend time with Battery-Operated Boyfriend quite a bit myself."

"Yes, well, I haven't used anything battery-operated in years. Not since Karl moved out here. I was just, you know... touching."

"Too much information, P. Way too much."

"Hey, you're the one who brought up B.O.B. A-ny-ways..." she enunciated. "I have another session online this weekend. Can you come over again?"


"It's supposed to reinforce stuff if I do it more often."

Sigh. "Yeah, okay. It's not like I have any plans." She stood up and slung her purse over her shoulder.

"Meow! You don't have to," Paula replied, getting up as well. She was wearing a knee-length dress. With hosiery, Irina noticed. Stockings were a safe bet. "I just feel... safer if you're there."

"Yeah, I get it. Don't worry, sweetie. I won't let you down."


And she hadn't. Irina made sure she was at the house Sunday afternoon as scheduled. Karl was at a sports bar with one of his buddies watching a college game of some flavor or other, so after the ladies shared a pair of mimosas and fifteen minutes of gossip at the kitchen counter, they adjourned to the basement again.

Without many preliminaries, Paula moved over to her side of the desk. Irina couldn't help but notice that even though the other woman was wearing only a housecoat for clothes right now, the legs peeking out from beneath it were a little too matte and smooth to be completely natural. Irina wondered if she was wearing them in anticipation of her computer thingy today or if she'd just started wearing hose around the house on random weekends.

This time it went smoother for Irina. She barely even looked up from her book when Paula started speaking out loud, as she had been expecting it, and the subsequent countdown and one-way conversation about going deeper into trance was no surprise. When she reached, "I am entranced and open to suggestion," Irina stopped ignoring the monotone chant and looked up in mild curiosity at what was to come next.

It started with repetition of what Paula had said during the last entrancement about being sexy teens in stockings and the sensuality of stockings, but then took a switch into a less general path.

"I will always move my legs in ways designed to entice."

"Women in stockings are so seductive and sexy stockings. They always get what they want."

hot teen stockings

perfect girls in lingerie

hot girls in stockings

hot girls in lingerie

lingerie stockings

sexy girls in lingerie

"Even just the act of putting on my nylons arouses me."

More of the same followed, and Irina went back to her book during the repetition phase, but she arched an eyebrow when her friend paused for a moment.

"Yes. I understand." The room was darkened considerably, but Irina could see Paula fidgeting a bit. "I will. I am, now."

"My best orgasms happen when I'm wearing nylon stockings." Well, that was less subtle than usual, wasn't it? "My best orgasms happen when I'm wearing nylon stockings."

It was then she noticed that Paula's hands had disappeared below the desktop. Nuh-uh, she thought. She isn't...
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