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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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Name :benjamin
NickName: ben
Birthdate :december 13th
Birthplace :in a hospital
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color :brown
Height : 6'1
Boyfriend/Girlfriend : yes
Vehicle : 2002 Ford Ranger
Overused Phrase : by God!
Food :ice cream
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :mcdonalds
Candy :butterfinger
Number : 4
Color: duke blue
Animal :dogs
Drink : Jack and Coke or Long Island Iced Tea
Body part on Opposite Sex: ass
Cologne : Axe Anarchy
TV Show : Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights
Music Album : All I Was- Tremonti
Movie : Pineapple Express

Pepsi or Coke?: coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing :mcdonalds
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :coffee
Kiss or Hug : kiss
Dog or Cat :dog
Rap or Punk : punk
Summer or Winter : summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : funny
Love or Money : i love money, and love
Bedtime : 12ish
Most Missed Memory : vacations
Best physical feature : tall
First Thought Waking Up : let me go back to sleep!
Best Friends : Emily, Joey, Austin, Tanner
Weakness : music
Fears: fear itself
Cheated Your Partner?: no
Ever been beaten up?: no
Ever beaten someone up?: yes
Ever Shoplifted? :no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex? :  yes
Been Dumped Lately? : no
Favorite Eye Color : green
Favorite Hair Color : brunette
Short or Long : long
Height : over 5ft
Style : normal
Looks or Personality : personality
Hot or Cute: hot
Muscular or Really skinny? : neither!
What country do you want to Visit : germany
How do you want to Die : age
Been to the Mall Lately : no
Get along with your Parents : yes
Health Freak : no, works out too much
Do you think your Attractive : yes
Believe in Yourself : ultimately
Want to go to College : yes
Do you Smoke : occasionally
Do you Drink : yes
Shower Daily : yes
Been in Love : yes
Do you Sing : blues and rock
Want to get Married : YES!
Do you want Children? : 1 or 2
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : 16
Hate anyone? : yes
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