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Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015: The Concerts

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Archive. For the second time I saw them in a little hall. the first part was a bit disturbing with the projection of the Axiom Movie. the set list was not bad, focused on the last album. The line-up was various and the result good.


Saint Motel. We had the places at the last minute. Was not a bad concert. I didn't knew that band before and I have to admit I already forgot how it was exactly. But was a nice couple evening.


Jay-Jay Johanson. For the second time as well. Sadly the brand new venue was out of the city-centre so the audience was not really here. but it was a good way to discover the new album. And to rediscover the older songs. As always very professional even if, I prefer him behind his piano. Being alone behind the mic doesn't seem to please him...


The Chemical Brothers. Totally change of style here. I'm not a big fan of this band so I didn't really the songs. Especially of the new album. but the show was incredibly beautiful and the sound amazing. A nice evening.


Public Service Broadcasting. The discovery of the year for me. The concept of the band is really good. Put some music on TV archives. And the music itself is really good. The band talks with this voice generator, but the conversation was really friendly. Again: very good surprise, so thanks Matteo...


Ghinzu. Ah, first time in 10 years! This band still kicks ass. And we had my favourite ones. "Mirror Mirror" or "The Dragster Wave" are always good. I had stars in the eyes. Again. Thanks guys.


Apocalyptica. I'm not a big fan of this band since the last years (since Worlds Collide). so it was a good way to just enjoy the energy of the band. The set list was well balanced between instrumentals and sung songs.


Archive. For the second time this year. A lot of changes? Yes! Smaller line-up, stronger set list, more visual and bestial interpretation. Was the best Archive concert I saw (even on DVD). Amazing performance.


Ghost. Another discover. I just discover this band with the new album. And I have to say that this pope is the best performer I saw in a while. What a charismatic leader. And the band is playing like metronomes. Impressive mastering of their songs. Amen.


No One Is Innocent. The concert begins with a letter again the terrorists  of the Paris' attacks. And after that: a very political and energetic set list. With a lot of energy again. The singer lives the lyrics. The guitarists are really good, well once again, a nice evening.


Willis Earl Beal. The weirdest performance of the year. He puts the music on his iPod. And sings on it. He doesn't want us to clap or react. But he did the show. What a voice! What an enigmatic... performance... that's the word.


Nightwish. Last but not least. Nightwish. For the 3rd time. And the best! First surprise was Arch Enemy. What a leader! But back on Nightwish. The show was amazing and we had 2 hours of Metal! 2 hours! Floor Jansen is really comfortable. The compositions are ok live. I have to say, I found the visuals a bit kitsch and too slow in the background. It almost took me out of the concert. But after 30 mins, was finally in. I had to wait "The Poet & the Pendulum" to really enjoy the set. And after that, we had "Ghost Love Score" + "The Greatest Show On Earth"! 3 longs songs. And my favourites. And "Stargazers"! Once again. Thanks for all Finland!