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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Still on break.

As you can see, I'm not very active on UG. Several reasons but the main ones are: new house and infectious mononucleosis.
Thanks to all that are rating my tabs (I normally thanks personally).
And finally, I hope I'll be better and do some tabs some time.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015: The Concerts

Archive. For the second time I saw them in a little hall. the first part was a bit disturbing with the projection of the Axiom Movie. the set list was not bad, focused on the last album. The line-up was various and the result good.


Saint Motel. We had the places at the last minute. Was not a bad concert. I didn't knew that band before and I have to admit I already forgot how it was exactly. But was a nice couple evening.


Jay-Jay Johanson. For the second time as well. Sadly the brand new venue was out of the city-centre so the audience was not really here. but it was a good way to discover the new album. And to rediscover the older songs. As always very professional even if, I prefer him behind his piano. Being alone behind the mic doesn't seem to please him...


The Chemical Brothers. Totally change of style here. I'm not a big fan of this band so I didn't really the songs. Especially of the new album. but the show was incredibly beautiful and the sound amazing. A nice evening.


Public Service Broadcasting. The discovery of the year for me. The concept of the band is really good. Put some music on TV archives. And the music itself is really good. The band talks with this voice generator, but the conversation was really friendly. Again: very good surprise, so thanks Matteo...


Ghinzu. Ah, first time in 10 years! This band still kicks ass. And we had my favourite ones. "Mirror Mirror" or "The Dragster Wave" are always good. I had stars in the eyes. Again. Thanks guys.


Apocalyptica. I'm not a big fan of this band since the last years (since Worlds Collide). so it was a good way to just enjoy the energy of the band. The set list was well balanced between instrumentals and sung songs.


Archive. For the second time this year. A lot of changes? Yes! Smaller line-up, stronger set list, more visual and bestial interpretation. Was the best Archive concert I saw (even on DVD). Amazing performance.


Ghost. Another discover. I just discover this band with the new album. And I have to say that this pope is the best performer I saw in a while. What a charismatic leader. And the band is playing like metronomes. Impressive mastering of their songs. Amen.


No One Is Innocent. The concert begins with a letter again the terrorists  of the Paris' attacks. And after that: a very political and energetic set list. With a lot of energy again. The singer lives the lyrics. The guitarists are really good, well once again, a nice evening.


Willis Earl Beal. The weirdest performance of the year. He puts the music on his iPod. And sings on it. He doesn't want us to clap or react. But he did the show. What a voice! What an enigmatic... performance... that's the word.


Nightwish. Last but not least. Nightwish. For the 3rd time. And the best! First surprise was Arch Enemy. What a leader! But back on Nightwish. The show was amazing and we had 2 hours of Metal! 2 hours! Floor Jansen is really comfortable. The compositions are ok live. I have to say, I found the visuals a bit kitsch and too slow in the background. It almost took me out of the concert. But after 30 mins, was finally in. I had to wait "The Poet & the Pendulum" to really enjoy the set. And after that, we had "Ghost Love Score" + "The Greatest Show On Earth"! 3 longs songs. And my favourites. And "Stargazers"! Once again. Thanks for all Finland!

here is my top of albums I bought in 2015. Was not a bad year.

Ok I've been lazy the previous years, but I still have to found time and inspiration for this blog and I really think I don't have a lot of arguments in English.

Anyway, here is my top 13 for 2015. Purely objective as always...


14) Wills Earl Beal - Nocturnes

   I bought the album after the concert. Not really disappointed, you've got a lot atmospheric songs, but you don't really have the strong side of the performance.


13) Nick Cave & Warren ellis - Loin des hommes

    I guess that for the first time, I've been disappointed by a recent Nick Cave production. Better than a lot other soundtracks, I haven't been surprised or touched by the music this time, even if you got really good songs on that album, well, not the best.

  Best songs:  "Setting Out" "Far From Men 2"


12) Marilyn Manson - The Pale Empror.

    I was so scared this time. because I've been so disappointed by the previous albums. The First singles were good and this album is not bad. But remove the singles, the rest is a bit light...

   Best song: "The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles"


11) Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Promotheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus

    Same thing than for Nick Cave: I admit: it's a big production, big compositions, but I really miss an older thing. The middle age 'fluf' maybe... Anyway the single stays really good.

  Best song:  "Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall Part Ii Codex Nemesis"


10) Apocalyptica - Shadowmaker

    I'm not really a big fan of Apocalypica sung song. I prefer the instrumentals. But I really enjoyed this album even if, again, no big surprise here. The song 'Shadowmaker is really great, and I saw them live so that helped me to enjoy some songs...

  Best song:  "Shadowmaker"


9) Lindemann - Skills In Pills

   Things are getting a bit more serious here. Or really parodic. This album is a collection of really well produced songs, with a lot of second degree... I loved the single "Praise Abort" (and its video!). "Skills in pills" is not bad, "That's my heart" and eventually "Home Sweet Home". A bit more reserved for the rest...

  Best song:  "Praise Abort"


8) Korpiklaani - Noita

   A solid album, no real surprise, well produced. Nothing to throw but no excellent songs. Fair work.

  Best songs:    "Viinamäen Mies " "Lempo" "Sahti"


7) The Prodigy - The Day Is My enemy

   This album is not really liked by other people I've seen the opinion. Maybe it's fit to be live loud sound instead of original composition. But it's still a very good way to feel focus or stronger when you run / cycle / play games.

  Best songs:     "Ibiza" "Destroy" "Wild Frontier"


6) Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

   Very unequal album with maybe the best songs even (see below) but with very Iron Maiden clichés. Maybe a double album was too much. And I have to say that the 2 best songs are the opening and closing Bruce Dickinson tracks.

  Best songs:    "If Eternity Should Fail" "The Empire Of The Clouds" "The Book Of souls"


5) Jay-Jay Johanson - Opium

   Auto production. Good like always with Jay-Jay. Better than the previous one.

  Best songs:     "Moonshine" "I Love Him So" "Swarecrow" "Harakiri"


4) Archive - Restriction

   I really had difficulties to like this one. Until I saw them live. Twice. After that I liked "Feel It", "Kid Corner" "End Of Our Days" and "Half Built Houses". And time after time, I like now the entire LP. With different favourites (see below).

  Best songs:    "End Of Our Days" "Ride In Squared" "Crushed"


3) Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

   It's always hard to judge a new Nightwish album as I was a big fan of the Tarja Era (no... really?). This album is really the best since "Once". Great production, good compositions. They did the job. I guess I could sum up the album with the two songs below.

  Best songs:    "The Greatest Show On Earth" "Yours is an Empty Hope"


2) Muse - Drones

   This album is really controversial. Some fans likes it, other ones will found it lazy. I'm between those two impressions. Maybe I don't know all the riffs that are coming from previous interludes and so on. Ok it's without remind me older compositions, but everything sounds good to me and even, if you're far from "Origin Of Symmetry", I guess that out of his context, this is a good collection of songs.

  Best songs:    "Psycho" "Reapers" "The Handler" " The Globalist"


1) Ghost - Meliora

   And the winner is easily: Ghost. That's a band I discovered at the beginning of the year, so everything is pretty fresh. A friend gave me the previous albums but for me, there was something missing. And then came this album. those guys know how to play, for sure (and the live performance confirms) and it might be too pop for some of metal fans, but for me, this album is a real nugget.

  Best songs:     "Spirit" "He Is" "Absolution" "Deus In Absentia"

Let's see if 2016 will be better. It starts well with the new (and sadly last) Bowie.

Bye all

Well the question can seem weird, but I was directly asked on this subject, so here are my explanation and reasons. As this was my first favourite band, the reasons are also personal and of course subjective.


- The unique duo dynamic. The silent modern + The old school writer. Well this vision is a bit simple, but I think you see what I mean. This is really a band based on friendship and one rare band to have always the same members. And they seems to stay with feet on the ground. And they still have fun to make music and try to surprise.

-The videos. I was a video clip fan and they helped me to found masterpieces. "It's a sin" with his middle age decorum, the  FX of "Can you forgive her?", the epileptic choice in "Axis" and the old school "Heart". In 3 decades, they succeed to tell stories, to try artistic clips and to have a really specific identity.

-The Artwork. The packaging is important. And the "Very" went very far. The original Lego package or the single "I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" (with a soft transparent plastic sleeve with holes) are crazy for today's CD industry.

-The B-sides: it is for me how to qualify good bands: the b-sides. And one of the first album I had was Alternative. Without knowing it was b-sides (pre Internet era) I was my favourite. What a quality! "Paninaro", "In The night", "Your Funny Uncle", "We all feel better in the dark", "Violence, "Shameless", Do I Have to?": these are hits or just really good songs. Hidden on maxis. Or compiled on "Alternative" or "Format"

-The Themes: of course you've got love songs. But not only. Death, communism, money,... it changes.

- The cultural references: Debussy, Oscar Wilde, Satie: they quote such great artists.

- The Surprises: After 3 electronic records: one more acoustic (Behaviour). Then after: the most electronic possible (Very). The after: Latin Influence (Bilingual). Then Euro pop Again (Nightlife). Then an 'acoustic' (Release). Then electro again (Fundamental). Then one based on vocals (Elysium). And then modern electro again... (Electric)

- A link with classical music: "Do I have to", "Love is a Bourgeois construct", "My October Symphony"

- The Gay aspect: I love them even if they are gay (I really don't care) and I don't love them because they are. I just admire this band for the subtlety in the lyrics and video for the double reading meaning.

- The concerts: I only saw them once, but their DVD can show how they can very different show. From simplicity to exuberance. With projections, dancers, singers ...

- The song writing: Behind a sometimes too 80's production, they wrote really beautiful songs. The best example of this production bad choices can be "Love comes quickly" The Blank and Jones mix, put the melody in light and turn a song I really hate on the album to one of my favourite.

- Great Europop and 80's dancing hits:  Ok I don't dance. But I have to admit that they can make me move on "Tonight is forever". "Minimal"

- Great lines: "Sometime the solution is worse than the problem". "Every time I see you, something happens to me. Like a chain reaction between you and me". "Driving through the night it's so exciting" "Turn off the TV, look at a book. Pick up the phone, fix some food" Those sentences can be a soundtrack for my own life.

- The British picture: In the videos, naming "West End" or "Kings Cross": I had a postcard of Great Britain, and they are a reason why I do love this country. the humour is really present in lyrics which cannot be understood by anyone.

- I'm faithful with the artist I used to love once. Once again: this my teenage favourite band. So now, this band will always be like putting a warm pair of slippers. This is a positive thought in my teenage year. And that's a great good feeling.