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Saturday, September 12, 2009



We may never have existed, but we do, because of chance. 

We could have been born as any of the billions of species here on Earth. Bacteria, fungi and plants are not sentient. A fly lives for a week and accomplishes nothing, goldfish have a 3-second memory, bees die if they sting someone, dogs eat their own shit. But we are human, the most intelligent and fulfilling of creatures, by chance. 

We could have been born at any time period, before there was luxury, before we could live past the age of 30, before we had knowledge, before we had language, before we knew how to make fire, but here we are, in this age, when we have so much at our fingertips, because of chance.

We could have been born in any place on Earth, some that are not so nice as others, where AIDS and other diseases are rampant, where war and turmoil is an everyday event, where crime is the norm, but we are not by chance.

We could have been born into a poor family, not a wealthy one, struggling for food everyday, yearning for shelter, begging for pennies, never having the opportunity to be educated, to take a hot shower, but we do, because of chance.

We could have been born with any number of debilitating diseases, such as Tay-Sachs, Down's Syndrome, Parkinson's, Palsy, but we aren't, because of chance.

We could have died because of any number of natural disasters, accidents, poisoning, murder, pollution, but we haven't, because of chance. 

How lucky, that I exist, am human, am born in the age of technology and comfort, live in a first-world country, have enough money to have my college education, have no mental or physical illnesses that can't be cured, have not broken a bone once in my life, have never gotten into a car accident, and am still healthy. I feel so guilty when I complain sometimes.
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