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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bass Tabs Rejected - WHY?

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Hello everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks I have had 2 bass tabs rejected. There is no explanation as to why they are rejected & the site doesn't want you to ask why tabs are rejected.
The first tab was by an artist called Clio who had a couple of hits in her native Italy & other parts of Europe. I submitted a bass tab for her single "Faces" which was rejected. When submitting I was warned the artist name was not in the database so I thought there could be trouble having it accepted. Still this is an official artist & just because she is not known in the USA or UK doesn't mean she is not a valid artist. I had hoped this site would welcome tabs from the more unusual or obscure even if it is Euro Pop music!!!
The second & more strange rejection was that of a Soft Cell B-Side called "Persuation". As you may know I have been submitting Soft Cell tabs for a while now & all have been accepted. Soft Cell are an established group & there are tabs on there already & not just by me. I will admit the tab I did was not strictly a 100% bass tab. The song has this constant rythmic keyboard pattern running all the way through the song which could be explained as a bass part in the loosest sense.
I would just love to know why my tabs were refused so to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
I have decided to submit these two tabs to a site called tab crawler & see if they accept or refuse them. I can't believe they could be rejected again!!!!

All the best,

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WibbleWobble wrote on Feb 7th, 2013 12:59pm

Mate, I actually looked at the "persuation" tab on Friday night (1st Feb) someone commented that it was spelt wrong, should have been "Persuasion" apparently. (Why it wasn't allowed I have no idea) If you're submitting tabs for an artist not on the database then you can submit it under "Misc Unsigned Bands" you can add the name and song. I did it for a song I worked the chords out for as a birthday present to my wife :-) Wendy Moten's "Come In Out Of The Rain" - example linked below! Hope that helps. Nice to see John Taylor getting some kudos - very underrated bassist IMO nds/wendy_moten_-_come_in_out_of_the_rain_crd.htm


bassm99a wrote on Feb 9th, 2013 3:58pm

Hi, Thanks for your comment & info, I really appreciate it. I can't believe I submitted the "Persuasion" tab with a spelling error! That has to be the reason it was refused. Thanks for pointing it out to me, I'll have to be more careful in future.
When submitting the other tab I was offered the choice of using the "Misc Unsigned Bands" option but I really didn't think I would have to use it. I thought the unsigned option would be for artists that have never released music commercially unlike the artist I tabbed. Again thanks for this info, at least I'm aware for the future.
I'm a huge John Taylor fan, the reason why I picked up a bass in the first place! Any kudos for John is always welcome & richly deserved. Thanks for all your help.


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