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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Say Hello (Wave Goodbye) & Soft Cell

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Hello everyone,
my name is Alan & I have recently joined the ultimate guitar community.
I have so far submitted 3 bass tabs by Soft Cell who are not well documented on this site other than various guitar tabs submitted for "Tainted Love".
I appreciate Soft Cell are not the biggest band on the planet & not everyones cup of tea, but I was surprised at the lack of tabs available on this site or anywhere on the internet.
Not sure if i'm going to submit many more or anymore tabs but I wanted to get at least two or three done. What I have submitted I hope are accurate or as close to accurate as possible. To be fair they are very easy basslines (they have to be for me to play them!!) so it was easy for me to submit them to the site.
I hope these bass tabs are of use to bass players & musicians everywhere but more importantly to help share the wonderful music of Soft Cell with as many people as possible.
All the best,
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