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AngryGoldfish (2)
Friday, June 26, 2009


Current mood: Mildly Humored.

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holy cow its been a while...
just thought that should be pointed out.

so, basically, its summer :D
unfortunately, summer=boring. having no car and living in the middle of nowhere really sucks.

anywho, ive been thinking lately, about who actulaly reads these...? im curious. i mean, im probably just spilling my thoughts into cyberspace for no partricular reason, bucause quite honestly, i think a total of ZERO people read these things. and if they do read these, i bet they're as bored--maybe even more bored--than me

but really, there isnt anythign to talk about.
except for the fact that MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD! i love everybody's facebook status messages: "OMG MJ IS DEAD! rip!!" "rip michael!" "
good bye Michael, even if you molested little children". the last on is my favorite-est.

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AngryGoldfish wrote on Jul 10th, 2009 8:45pm

you've changed. i remember talking to you about six months ago, and you were different. i always read a blog when someone has something interested to say. ;)


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