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aaronob (1)
Thursday, January 01, 2009

first ever.

Current mood: contemplative

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this is pretty much my first blog ever, but it wont be the last (yes pathetic i know) but i thought it would be appropriate to post this now, you know, to begin the new year on a happy note.

but anywho
ive been thinking about my new years resolution. and im having a very difficult time. i mean, i just got back from a party, and all my friends had come up with some great ones. one of them is a runner, so he said that he wants to win the state meet for cross country. another one (whom im very good friends with, so it didnt bother me that much) had promised that he wouldnt call me a whore anymore--as you may have guessed, that last only 15 minutes--and im not a whore btw. but i am still at a loss for what mine could be, because, i pretty much have no life, other than school, my friends, and music. but no true life goals. thats rather dissappointing when i think about it. but that shall not ruin this fine night.

i was just asked if i had a good year. how is one supposed to sum up how ones year went in jsut a few words???? i mean, there are those bumps in the road that we overcome, and there are days when we're all just chipper, and then theres all the stuff in between. i didnt realize how confusing the subject is until about 10 minutes ago. end this much more lightly, happy new year

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aaronob wrote on Jan 13th, 2009 4:53am

Happy new year. :cheers:

Lol dont worry about resolutions. Just try to create goals year round instead of once a year on New Year's eve.... thats what I do. Lol. :p


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