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Friday, June 26, 2009


Current mood: Mildly Humored.

holy cow its been a while...
just thought that should be pointed out.

so, basically, its summer :D
unfortunately, summer=boring. having no car and living in the middle of nowhere really sucks.

anywho, ive been thinking lately, about who actulaly reads these...? im curious. i mean, im probably just spilling my thoughts into cyberspace for no partricular reason, bucause quite honestly, i think a total of ZERO people read these things. and if they do read these, i bet they're as bored--maybe even more bored--than me

but really, there isnt anythign to talk about.
except for the fact that MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD! i love everybody's facebook status messages: "OMG MJ IS DEAD! rip!!" "rip michael!" "
good bye Michael, even if you molested little children". the last on is my favorite-est.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

stressed OUt.

Current mood: bored

basically i need to type a ton of stuff here because im so freaking bored. but im also in the middle of typing up a term paper, due in a few days, which is worth a lot for my grade in a class that i dont do too well in, and for a teacher that ive known for 3 years and still doesnt know my name, who also dislikes me very much for NO reason at all. i want to punch her in the ovary. actually. make that plural.

this week essentially sucks.

monday and tuesday were wonderful, no school! hung out with my boyfriend.
wednesday was depressing. he left to go to florida until monday night.
had to go to a stupid SAT/ACT prep class. WASTE OF TIME.
today was awful. so fraeaking tired. and it was boring.
bascially im going to have an uneventful weekend, spent knowing that while im here in 20 degree weather, my bf and others are in florida, spending their days in the sun.

back to term paper of death. oh joy.

and i have all this energy, and mother doesnt let me anywhere after 9 at night. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH NOTHING TO DO?!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

enraged neighbors.

so basically i feel the need to share this, because its kinda funny, but its also incredibly annoying.
so uh
my parents were at get food obviously. so they werent home
i was like "time to turn up my bass amp and play my music loud" [i rarely get to do this] :(
ha. bad idea.
my parents called me [from costco] and were like "we just got a call from our neighbors and they think your music is too loud."


they live like 100 yds away from my house. they so could not hear it.

but...i guess they could.

apparently my neighbors dont like rage against the machine as much as i do.

that was probably the highlight of my day.

or it could be the fact that in my PE exam, this kid got a rock-climbing carribeaner stuck to his pants.

but i thought that story was rather amuzing and mildly entertaining. totally worth sharing.
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

first ever.

Current mood: contemplative

this is pretty much my first blog ever, but it wont be the last (yes pathetic i know) but i thought it would be appropriate to post this now, you know, to begin the new year on a happy note.

but anywho
ive been thinking about my new years resolution. and im having a very difficult time. i mean, i just got back from a party, and all my friends had come up with some great ones. one of them is a runner, so he said that he wants to win the state meet for cross country. another one (whom im very good friends with, so it didnt bother me that much) had promised that he wouldnt call me a whore anymore--as you may have guessed, that last only 15 minutes--and im not a whore btw. but i am still at a loss for what mine could be, because, i pretty much have no life, other than school, my friends, and music. but no true life goals. thats rather dissappointing when i think about it. but that shall not ruin this fine night.

i was just asked if i had a good year. how is one supposed to sum up how ones year went in jsut a few words???? i mean, there are those bumps in the road that we overcome, and there are days when we're all just chipper, and then theres all the stuff in between. i didnt realize how confusing the subject is until about 10 minutes ago. end this much more lightly, happy new year

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