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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Draft of a story thing

Hey so here's a rough draft of the first chapter/opening or whatever to the story i'm writing hope you enjoy :D :

Okay here’s the deal my name’s Ikiri, nothing flash nothing fancy just good ol’ plain middle of the road Ikiri. I dunno why I’m doing this venting what I’ve done I suppose this won’t absolve me for what I’ve done but it does help me think. I guess I’ll start from the beginning.
So I’ve had a pretty normal childhood in most respects, my mum was always around but my dad left me when I was 10 months old. Typical thing kids go through like phases and style and obsessions and the never ending list of dumb things you did I went through, ‘cept I’ve been different in some ways. I mean sure all kids are different in some respects like they’re tall, they have a weird hair colour, they’re very bright or whatever but mine was a few degrees to left of that.


You see ever since I was a little kid when it’s been dark or I’ve been covered in shadow and can’t feel or see the sun I’ve been able to have this immense energy that I can draw upon like a never ending well inside of me. I mean the stuff I’ve tried is amazing I can be incredibly fast as in like blink and you’ll miss it, I’ve also managed to lift entire tonnes without breaking a sweat and I can leap immensely high. This may sound pretty cool but I’ve also got a downside as soon as the sun hits me I’m back to my ex-awesome self. Another side effect of this is I sometimes sorta zone out and get weird flashes of images I’ve never seen before, I’ve even blacked out a few times. My friend Akira thinks it’s got to do with all this superstitious crap that float around town as a sort of local legend.


We were in school when she was spouting all this local legend stuff during a free period apparently studying to the teacher nearby but really just talking about the how true these legends were.
“So Ikiri have you even looked up those legends I keep pestering you about?” asked Akira. “Well not really I’ve just really bothered with that stuff, c’mon we gotta study for that test later in psychology”
“Yeah right like you need to study for that” snorted Akira” you’re like one of the smartest 18 year olds around y’know even if pretend not to show it”
“Anyway I was rummaging through the latest edition of  Swansong and this popped up”
She handed me the paper and pointed to a small side column titled Local myths sighted again. Just to give you an overview our town Linden and its surrounding area has its own myth that vampires, yes that’s right vampires, used the site thousands of years ago as ritual area and they continued to remain in the area and sorta merged into the town. Living in the forgotten buildings and woods around town some people still claim that if you see something not quite right out of  the corner of your eye it’s a vampire fleeing your gaze.
“So?” I said “it’s probably just another paranoid old lady that always spouts all this stuff about the legend anyway”
“Maybe, but I thought y’know it might have something to do with you Ikiri” mused Akari “y’know your powers or whatever you want to call them”
“What do you mean?” I asked hoping she wouldn’t keep annoying me about them. Even since she found out about them she keeps having a go at me asking me where they came from, as for me I’m happier not knowing.
“Oh not this again” I groaned
Akira punched me lightly while saying “ I wasn’t going to ask you where you think your powers come from actually, I was just going to tell you that ..” Suddenly the bell rang out for next class.
“Damn we gotta go now or we’ll be late, C’mon Ikiri I’ll tell you after school”
She grabbed her bag, jumped up and ran towards the door leaving me to grab my books and chase after her while wondering what was she going to tell me?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

eh can't be stuffed coming up with a title

Current mood: contemplative

lol i'm tired and its late here but i wanna get this off my chest:

So anyway for the last 6 or so months i've been infatuated by this girl but never had the balls to ask her out (despite obvious hints and encouragement by a mate) and yeah i've had a few conversations with her and yeah they were nothing too interesting but we got along okay.

Anyway i was trying to force myself to ask her out as school was ending (its finished now) and i'd most likely never see her again.But i kjept putting it off until it was too late and i would probably never see her again but i managed to meet her the other day after an exam and yeah we talked a little but I realised something i may be infatuated with this chick but for some reason i sorta lost interest in asking her out and its confused the hell out of me too i just lost interest i have no idea why :wtf:


Women and emotions can sometimes confuse the hell out of you thats what i've learned today
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Time Warp!!

I have finally realised an ambition that has been bugging me for a while: Learning how to do the Time Warp! See the sad thing is i don't even know the chorus part y'know " it's just a step to the left...." etc but the thing is i don't only want to learn the chorus but the whole song. When i spoke to friends about my inablity to do the timewarp they all expressed amazement and wonder why i had not learned it so now i have no choice in the matter my friends plan to teach me how to timewarp (by force by a few people :p: ).
Well I'd guess i'd better go watch the rocky horror picture show again :D
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Please tell me someone out there has heard of them? they are one of the best bands out there i know this is just a self-serving rant about one of my favorite bands but they truly are amazing.....just youtube them and you'll find out why
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

something slightly entertaining

i don't know why but i stumbled across this min game the otherday its not exactly exciting but its amusing and addictive :P
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Dunno bored..... :P

So yeah i'm bored and i'm trolling UG for any glimmer of interest............i really gotta curb this internet connection.....but i'm still feeding my Smashing Pumpkin addiction by getting the Light into Dark Compilation the first ever commercial release featuring the Pumpkins sadly not the vinyl version only the cd reissue.....yeah i'm only slightly obsessed getting a rare reissiue because i can >< ah well i'd write more but dunno what to say :p
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