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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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All Hope Is Gone- Love it, hate it, post it
What I think...
execute, Gematria: Clean cut classic Slipknot, apparently execute has some hidden lyrics, with quite some interesting titles, 9/10:)
Sulfur: Real good, just like it, aggresive, fast, head bobbin', 9.6/10:D
Psychosocial: The Heart of AHIG, 10/10:headbang:
Dead Memories: Awesome!!!! Good, but even my dad said "That's Slipknot??!!! WTF no..." and he said it was a really good composition anyways and he liked it, really mainstream tho... sounds like a mix of "Made of scars" and "Tumult" by stone sour, listen to those and you'll know, 9.8/10:D
Vendetta: okay... 7.8/10 :l
This is Where the album starts to suck
Butcher's Hook: ehhhhh, maybe not, sounds like a crappy version of Spit it Out and My Plauge mixed, 7.2/10 :(
Gehenna: Very unique, better, Somehow I like this song, but parts suck, 8.4/10 :l
This Cold Black: Really insane, but guitar riffs are lacking, chorus is not very good 7.7/10 :l
Wherein Lies Continue: NO! not good, do not like Period. 
6.0/10 :mad:
Snuff: if it was Stone Sour I'd give it an 9/10, good composition, but this is Slipknot, 8.5/10 :)
All Hope Is Gone: CRAZEHHH! do not like offbeat-guitar-vocals during the verse, but chorus rocks hard 9.2/10 :D 
Child of Burning Time: Not a good Mix of Slipknot and Stone Sour, last half is good 8.3/10 :l
Til We Die: WTF?!!!! Not really, I feel like Im dropping my head from side to side to the beat, sounds like something from a movie when the character is depressed or in rage or at the end of the movie when the credits roll, 7.6/10:(
Anyways, thats all I have to say, go ahead- criticize me, that is exactly why I posted this blog.  Kudos if you agree
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awsomeguitarguya wrote on Sep 11th, 2008 1:34am

I guess I meant to give Gematria a 9.3-9.5, somewhere in there, whatever


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