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Friday, May 29, 2015

Suffer the children!

I usually like whatever sounds good to my ear that’s the reason I like Duran Duran and on the same extent I do like Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate like shits and all the things that come in between. I don’t know but my taste changes time to time, as time amends my listening changes; like back in my school days I was a hooker to the old Linkin Park and yea some sort of the earlier Industrial shits like Killing Joke, 40 Below Summer, American Head Charge, 36 Crazzyfist and so on, then after that many things drastically changed my playlist. Well, during the college days I was a crustie not some hardcore type but had a strong influence on me.

The roots that have energized me always and made me an addict was the crossover thrash/sludge and hardcore punk. So I am gonna share something that I’d loved to bang with, It all started with with Quentin Tarantino (yea the director), movies like Reservoir Dogs 1992, Pulp Fiction 1994 etc. had created some sort of mob-like mindset (not to be confused it with either violent or anything like that…blah!) and then Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train 1989 and Night on Earth 1991 similarly Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain 1973; these are some few movies that I am citing as my earlier motive of listenings, yea the movies led me to create a new wave and played a pivotal role in discovering many hardcore outfits.                    

So the story begins when I came across which had the compilations and other stuffs related to the band called Beastie Boys (a hip/hop/rapcore/hardcore punk) act from New York and then I listened their full-length Check Your Head 1992 and then I said yeah! this is a cool thing! and soon after this band had revealed me that they were included in a compilation called New York Thrash released in 1982 by Reach Out International Records which is still considered as a main label for many punk-rock-hardcore acts. The compilation features rare recordings, including Beastie Boys’  Polly Wog Stew EP and some stuffs by bands like Bad Brains, Heart Attack, Adrenalin O.D., Even Worse etc.

Now here I want to add some of my early favourites; Bad Brains – the band that I’d loved alot in the past (though still I am) their second full-length Rock For Light released in 1983 also Kurt Kobain had listed during his life about this as his favourite then I Against I released in 1986 the theme was OMERTA an ‘eye for an eye’  and the album had got many accolades and yeas Pay to Cum too. As a cult-follower how can I forget talking about Cro-Mags the hardcore/crossover thrash fuckers the band band has sort of a long hiatus after their last release in 2000, their debut The Age of Quarrel 1986 was a big band hit, Show You no Mercy, Malfunction, Street Justice were some of my favourites from that album. Murphy’s Law’s eponymous EP 1982, Back with a Bong by Murphy’s Law. I can’t scroll my playlist while writing this there are several hardcore gems over here and I try to share as much as I can, so here I have Gorilla Biscuits’ Start Today 1989 – it was an LP and one of the main influential thing that have over-shadowed many others. Biohazard was another important shit to mention here; Urban Discipline 1992 was in my like-list.

I am mostly covering the NY hardcore scene actually, well yea! the Hardcore City! Last but I think it is not the least to mention the band that I used to headbang with everytime I listen; Agnostic Front walaa! Victim in Pain 1984, Liberty and Justice For.. 1987 are my favourites; amazing band with loads of energy and has guts to give a PITA!  S.O.D. System Of A Down, huhh? Noooooo! Stormtroopers of Death, I would like to share one thing when MTV ‘was or may be is’ a good channel I used to hook up with Headbanger’s Ball – a metal devoted show. I got to find the band through their intro anthem or the songs that used to play during the show, it was Speak English or Die, their debut album released in 1985 and was a huge hit. Anthrax’ Scott Ian played guitars in this album. On the other note, the album had got many accolades which they deserved to have.

There are numerous other bands that I am surely missing now, maybe I am the heedless in this case well here I have is one damn ass awesome shit and it is Integrity’s Systems Overload released in 1995 and is the pure beauty of hardcore, always love to listen them. Now I have something to talk about the earlier founding scenario, besides U.S. there was a Canadian based outfit called D.O.A., the band has a very creative theme they mainly focused on anti-racism and freedom of speech etc. their classic Hardcore ’81 was one damn album. I personally think the band that have gained so much name among the hardcore community (mostly underground) was Dead Kennedys, one of the main founding acts of the hardcore scene, Frankenchrist 1985, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables 1980; this is my favourite of all-time. A documentary was also made for the album’s 25th annevesary edition called Fresh Fruit for Rotting Eyeballs. Whenever Nervous Breakdown appears (that’s going in everywhere) Black Flag comes up the famous debut EP, how can someone forget? one of the fathers and most-acclaimed punk artist Family Man 1984 & debut Damaged 1981 (this was listed in Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time) anything else?. The not-so-long running band, yes! Minor Threat, released only one full-length and that’s one-in-all Out of Step 1983, one can deduce the recognization by knowing that it was included in ’1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’ so count this in.

Whenever I see the the walls of Karachi with different sort of wall chalking, specially the graffitis that I’d made in college lol! had a strong favour of Crass, yea the English Anarcho-punk shit Penis Envy 1981 was a huge success and most noteably Thatchergate which was nothing but a masquerade recording of  Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan the excerpts of the recording can be heard in “Powerless with a Guitar” on the compilation LP Devastate to Liberate.Moving towards a lil sludge so I ain’t have so much collection now many of them were gone as my hard disk was found dead – fuck! Acid Bath, Crowbar, EyeHategod are some acts that is coming in my mind now. There is a band called ‘The Replacements’, I’ve not listened very much to them but back some time I got my hands on a book called The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History by Jim Walsh and then I get involved in this band too, living leegends they are.

Well, I’ve covered many bands now, just to consider some crossover thrash acts now that I would be pleased to share Dirty Rotten Imbeciles’s Dealing with It! released back in 1985 then The Faith’s Subject to Change (EP) 1983 followed by the earlier work of Corrision of Confirmity including Blind 1991 which has elements from sludge mostly and Deliverance which shows their divergence towards heavy metal. Very lastly I am gonna add up my all-time favorite bands Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault, and the “Institutionalized” fame Suicidal Tendencies, these are just bad-ass! I am not including any metalcore/emo kind stuffs though I do like many like Miss May I, Killswitch Engage, BFMV, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying (feel pity on their vocalist), Shadows Fall, All That Remains, Trivium and many others.

 ‘In Grind We Trust’ , ‘Napalm Death: Grinding the gore since 1982′ these are the few slogans that one can find on my cupboard. If I roll into deep I’ll surely move towards crustpunk and it will make it not so feasible for me to include all my loveables as they are many but I do lie to mention the bands Extreme Noise Terror, Sore Throat, Carcass, Pig Destroyer, Cephalic Carnage, Brutal Truth (I’ll miss this band as Dan Lilker the bassist disbanded it), and the “barely listenable” Anal Cunt, Seth Putnam R.I.P. besides all the feuds and critical lyrics that he wrote he was the frontman of one douche band that I love to have. I like Limp Bizkit but yet they’re just gay (sort of – the sarcastic Putnam), Amebix’ Who’s the Enemy 1982 gives you the definition of crust and finally Napalm Death the sickest band who has got something to die for….Scum (1987), Harmony Corruption (1990), Fear, Emptiness, Despair (1994), Diatribes (1996) lmfao! I am giving a damn list! oh! God no! Grab their each and every shit as they are the grind masters.

One interesting thing is the origination and development of the Taqwacore, hardcore with some Islam – a bit controversial but you Pakistan has an important role in the development. The Kominas is a Boston based punk-rock ‘taqwacore’ band formed by some Paki-Americans, ‘Wild Nights in Guantanamo Bay’ 2007 is now in my playlist. Omer Majeed’s documentary Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam can be considered as the main cause of birth. In Pakistan, I would like to add my friend Hassan Umer and Sheraz Ahmed’s two major bands about that I can deliberately say they are the pioneers of Pakistani crossover/thrash/hardcore scene. I’ve been witnessing them for about four years now, struggle, consequences of circumstances and everything they have done to make a name. Yes, they do! I would strongly recommend to listen them as I don’t write, their work speaks, hold your asses and check them out: and I also own their EP Jamat-al-Maut – one sick record to have.

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