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Gender : Male

Birthday : May 14, 1993

Occupation : Student

Location : Fayetteville, Georgia, United States

School : Starr's Mill High School (Fayetteville, Georgia, United States)

Education : High school

Smoker : No

Drinker : No

Forum posts: 2,119 (0.51 per day)

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Gear info
asfastasdark has 4 pieces of equipment:

Juan Salvador: Cadet

Crate: GTD-65

Boss: DS-1

Schecter: Hellraiser Deluxe

Favorite bands :
Acid King, Ahab, Animals as Leaders, As Blood Runs Black, Bongzilla, Chiodos, Dance Gavin Dance, Earth, Electric Wizard, Fair to Midland, From Autumn to Ashes, m1dy, March of Heroes, Marilyn Manson (and the Spooky Kids), Ophidian, Protest the Hero, Psychic TV, Psyopus, Rich Kids on LSD, Scars on Broadway, Serj Tankian, Skinny Puppy, Sleep, Sunn O))), System of a Down, Throbbing Gristle, Tim Skold
Favorite guitarists :
Tosin Abasi, Christopher Arp
Favorite bassists :
Tim Skold
Favorite books :
The Da Vinci Code, The Gunslinger, Holy Wood (Ch. 10), The Humanist Manifestos I and II
Favorite tv :
Family Guy
Favorite movies :
Borat, Let's Go to Prison
UG Groups
Own groups: UG against WWASPS
Member of: Dragonforce is a slanderous disgrace to Power Metal, The League Of Guitarists, GB&C Ball Room, Save the Mudkipz!, FREE THE PEAR Petition, UG Democrats, Metal, Join Me, UG Missle Silo, Metalheads, HMS, Whatever, The Metal Forum, Metal Chat...Group!, Metal is my Life!, Musician Group (MG), Cool UG members, john5 and tim skold, the owners of guitar, The Alliance of Amicable 08ers, War Metal, sex, Awnser The UG'ers Above Question Group for long time posters and new ones alike, The group that I made when i got really bored.(i will probably be the only member of the group), People against Marshall MG's, Rude people Killers, DOWNTRODDEN HESSIANS, The Official Death Metal Fan Club, group made through pure boredom and stupidity lalalalalalalalalala lallalal alalalalala if ur still reading y just join the group cuz u feel like and get over with it hahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha jezuz christ r u still reading wtf i mean seriously theres, The anti-zombie alliance, Atheists of UG, Coca Cola Lovers Thread, The 'Nice Guys', The Pick Gnome Hunters, Extremely Liberal Parents!, AAA AAAA AAAAAA AAAA!, rockers, GoodGuitar, Our Group Gives Out Fabulous Prizes!, "I only joined this group to knock off one more thing on the profile completeness., The group with a really long name that's meaningless that I just made when i was bored to see if anyone would join but they probably won't cause this group sucks, chatwhores anonymous, Hate R&B and that kind of stuff, Guitar Building & Customizing!, for Neone who cares!, Random UNITY of crazy people!, Know-What-You-Play, Stop Global Warming, Forget the subgenres and just ROCK!, Worshipers of Rock, The People Who Love Rock, Don't Join This Group, the outcast group, funnies, Group about whatever you want the group to be about as long as its about music, i like candy, The really long group name that just takes up space on your Ultimate Guitar groups list so it makes it look like you have more groups then you really do but you don't because it's really just this long group name thats taking up all the space!, People With Huge Balls, no rap, Metalliance, The Man Laws!, people that hate high school musical, R.I.P. Masturbation Thread, The Ultimate spastic cheese group of all time-that includes other dimensions thank you!, UG's Pedo-Baiters, Ban the user above you group, Guitar Hero is Fucking Gay, Wastman666 or rockerboy7345, Ultimate-Orgy, I hate those classic rock posers, Guys Of UG club, people who use vulgar words in unfuckingneaded places, we <3 lesbians, Darker Side Of The World, Explorin world and human nature, Jonas Brother suck, This ain't a fan site, it's a gosh darn hate fest!, music fans!!!!!!!, Anti-Guitar Hero, Metal, Metal Riffs, Songwriting, Good Songs, etc, The Futurama Group, Schecter Guitars Army, The People Who Hate Fall Out Boy, News About Everything in u-g, Music Unlimited, getting the sound you want group, The Anti-BC Rich Society, people who love and i mean really love those groups with long names that try to make it sound likes its not gimmick but its still kind of a gimmick but you dont care because you really love it also can you join this group rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh , The Metal Group (TMG), European guitarists united [EGU], Wiki-Whores, Pit Whores, Fans of Buckethead, Borat, LOL, Buckethead, We're gonna kill emos with HURLS!!!, Bucketheadland, I Remember Old Nickelodeon, Heavy Music Fans, That 1 group that does the stuff, People Who Have an Extremely Broad Taste in Music and Enjoy Long, Silly Names, The Sandwich Combination Research and Development Society, Music Lovers (No We're Not a Pizza From Pizza Hut), The 'I'm in a shitload of groups' club, Technique, The group of people that can't efficiently size their group title to fit into the space provided, Monster Cable Users, The U.G. Profile Streakers., The "I Wish I Could Sweep Better" Club, Metal Maniacs, Serial killer lovers, Superjoint Ritual, Free The C!, manson fans, KMFDM, Official UG PiCSeL group, The Insomniac Group, Lucky There's A Family Guy!, We Shoop Teh Funny Pics, Boner Bro's, One Hundred Pushup's Group, People for the Right to Want a Half-Stack Association, The High Temple of Holistic Tone, UG's Lonely Hearts Club, I use half stacks for bedroom practice!, Legalize Marijuana!, Neo-Classical Mayhem, Philosopher's Guild, thosethatapose, 90's Rock, Sexy club!, Amazing group, Ahhhhh!, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh , Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaamnnnnnn , Im afraid of monsters ahhhhhhhhh, Im afraid of monsters ahhhhhhhhh, Gibson guitars are way over priced!, Let's See How Many People Can Join This Group, People who Join Groups for the hell of Joining Groups!!! or just wanna be in a group, the best group ever with you know those people on ultimate guitar you know those people you know that join this group you know and the people that you want to join if you join so yeah you know wut this groups about you know why am i saying you know a lot, PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL THE JONAS BROTHERS, BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , The I hate DragonForce and I don't care who hates me for it group, Musicians seeking Musicians - Find YOUR Band, The Idiots Guide to Being an Idiot, Tony Iommi fans, Schecter Fan Club, Sandwich Lover's Group, that group u join just to show you're in a group for no reason, ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-TOAD, Hugh Gee Fan Club!, THE GROUP FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE RETARDED YET NEED TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE AMAZING SO THEY WOULD JOIN THIS GROUP TO FEEL AMAZING AND EAT PIE!!!!!!!!, The Jellyfishing Club, The Moon Appreciation Society, Math/Drone/Noise Rock Fans, pedalboard junkies, We Be Pirates!, Guitar Freaks, Ultimate Shredders, Please Don't Chew the Newbies, Underground Shredders!, 7 string legion, Pablo Gilberto Fans, Technical Brutal Death Army, Avant-Garde Music, Shred Forum, Procrastinators Unite!, the group, Schecter Hellraisers, Rolled up towel appreciation society, Vikings are pirates too!, LGBTQQ, Pokemon Players, Progressive SongWriter's Organisation, Dat Funky Dance!, The UGer's against White Nationalism, Acoustics are guitars too!, The high-fivers high fiving high five group!, The ultimate guitarists, Nederlanders!, Pot, MARIJUANA, Classical Guitarists, Teachers, and Students, Benelux UG'ers, I Crack My Fingers, artists of UG, Ultimate-Pedal-Build ing-Group , wat :lurk:, the cool group which rocks cuz i made it, The Official Skittles Club, We Like Really Loud Music!, i made this group because i was bored so just post random stuff here and enjoy please join cause im lonely (not really) but please join anyway =0 post here to have luwlz or i''ll..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUU LOL ROFL LMAO BRB G2G GTFO STFU TGIF, Guitar Addicts Anonymous, Metal Militia, The Pizza Lovers of UG, Andy Warhol, Facebook, Bass is bass is bass is not guitar, The Official UG Radio Project, I Play Guitar Naked!, UG Lego Fanclub, Alfred Bumm's Shred-tastic Group!, Ultimate Music List, Guitar Playin Ninjas, Weirdos of America, I freacking hate haircuts, R.I.P. Michael Jackson, RIP Billy Mays, guitar help., Michael Jackson Group, BEST FRIEND'S GROUPP :), We love Citrus!, We are Ninja!, GR8 GuItAr Playerzz, MetalHeads, UG's pool party!, MUsIc ManIa, I Have A UG Account, Anti Abercrombie Zombie Group, Lurk Hunters, .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... ............... , Amplifiers Anonymous, UG's Skeptical Society, guitar maniacs, The "I Like Turtles" Legion, UG Against The NWO (and other conspiracy topics), The Banned, Death Metal Fanatics, Anti Hip Hop Alliance, My Journey, I'm wearing clothes in the Pit!, Metalgadethica, Make Fap Not War, UG Pokemon masters, People Who Have Been Banned group!, D'Addario > all, Zelda FTW, Do you liek pie and Cookies ?????, Coldplay stole my song and used it to write "Viva La Vida", Superawesomemetallic aawesome , Icy NOT!, Scrubs Fan Club, People of UG Against Impaired Driving, The I really do nothing in any of the groups i join group, I Speak A Foreign Language, Nintendo, Church of the lolcat, Igneuspentheism, The Official Yuji Fan Club, GB&C's Who to Listen to, The Random People, this group has a really long name is a pointless group which no one should join because it is so gay and meaningless and serves no purpose to anything or anyone so don't join this group because it is gay, ULTIMATE PIE GROUP!!!!, Slash is overrated, UG's Gamers, The UG random club, Slayer Rules, UG Socialist Party, Guitar Pro, Yuji Heart Club, Zappp Appreciation Group!, People Who Hate People, Colbert Nation, I Love Mashed Potatoes
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