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matt-gilchrist wrote on May 21st, 2011 9:47am

thanks a lot man :D really appreciate it

intro chord progression: C sharp minor, G sharp minor, A / C sharp minor, B, A / C sharp minor, G sharp minor, A / E , B, A, B

as long as you dont rip me off ;) haha

now that you mention it that tapping bit is a bit too fast, but i couldnt notice it! next time i do any work on it i'll change it :)

I listened to 'finding the way home' and its some good stuff man! you've got some nice melodies and harmonies going on
one thing ima say is, personally for me i think the underlying harmony could be a bit more defined instead of just the bass guitar playing the root note, if you get me? i think maybe if you just strummed the chord once on the guitar or something, but i guess something like that is based on opinion and somebody else might like just the bass :D just something to bear in mind!! dont take anything i say badly either i know the feeling when somebody crits your music and you dont agree with them :P

keep it up man!! nice work


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