Esteban: ventage 1957 chevy anniversary

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stratofire wrote on Jan 13th, 2009 3:31am

purchased 2 2008 , looks beautiful sounds ok, strings hurt your fingers to play this guitar , truss rod is usless, 1 tuning key hold down nut will not tighten ,the holes for the tuning keys are larger than the tuning keys are ! They stuck to large of a washer on all the tuning keys. I was changing strings today and the string brushed up against the fret and it pulled it out, plastic pegs in bridge broke and popped out ! the 17th fret the fingerboard is not straight , called HSC and they said only warranty it for 30 days I have to call ingenious designs ,in Long Island for returns, ! All I hear is bad news with this company , There warranty says its limited (Here we go again) free from defects for 1 year They will repair or replace. Yeah right . are they gonna rip the neck off and put it back on straight !! I'll take these assholes to court and get the attorney general on their ass !!! I'm not gonna get ripped off anymore


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