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Sunday, April 11, 2010

"We won't be gone that long."

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Yep. Should've seen through that one like saran wrap.

But I didn't. So now I've been sitting in this empty dorm for nearly five hours, pretty much just wasting time. I could've been playing video games or doing homework all day, but I haven't felt like doing anything.

Except jamming. But Tony never texted me back. So that never came to either. And getting my hopes up about jamming only to be let down is probably the worst kind of disappointment.

My ex sent me a message today. I wonder how this'll turn out. I'm hoping that she's only talking to me because she needs someone to talk to and not because she wants to get back together.

If only summer would come sooner. But even then, I'm not going to be all that excited. One of my friends is taking a job in Alaska for the summer, so I won't be seeing her. And I pretty much have to get a job if I want to come back to school next semester.

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