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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Equipment suggestions

Current mood: Helpful

Hi! Here is my suggestions for the everyday rock N roller.
first: Cords: Ibanez  good quality cords at affordable prices
second: Amps: for a rocker who doesnt do gigs just sits at home and plays: PV Backstage 2 small but powerful, for rockers doing gigs: Marshall Half stack
Straps: your choice, dont go overboard though.
Picks: Tortex Green: superior grade picks (also it doesnt have to be green, my prefrence but they make a wide selection)
Distortion Pedels: anything with the name  "digitech" is good
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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Current mood: happy

     this is my first blog about the first song I could play:baby:, the song is Enter Sandman. It sounded so cool I just had to try, now I know all of it:wtf: and I'm moving on to bigger songs like One, Raining Blood and others
Once again im not emo, im single though:heart: lol
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