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andras67a wrote on Aug 26th, 2011 10:24am

thanks for the feedback XianXiuHong, this is is the first thing I have composed for piano. I just wanted to do something for piano and I make this in a couple hours, also I have never played piano, I just don't knew how to come with this, and I know almost nothing about composition, so I would appreciate if you could expand your comment, I'm not sure what you mean by classical harmonic progression or lack of dynamics, and tell me with detail where you can hear the notes don't match the key(as I remember all notes from left hand come from A major chord, I thought that I couldn't go wrong with that, but as I have said I know almost nothing about composition) I want to make new piano compositions and I want to improve, so it would be really cool if you could expand your comment about what you think I made wrong, and maybe also give some advices on how I can fix it.


XianXiuHong wrote on Jul 15th, 2011 10:21am

I didn't really find a sense of phrasing in this and lack of dynamics really ruined this for me. Your left hand notes also don't seem to match the key of the right hand notes alot of the time. I didn't get a sense of classical harmonic progression for the most part. Some great ideas in the right hand but there's much to be improved on.


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