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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stereo! Weeeee

Sweet, figured out how to record in stereo yaaaayyz
Anyways, I'm planning on doing some more covers coming up pretty soon, like Crazy Train or hot for teacher or something.
Yeah, Iz can tap, and I really wanna show what kinda stuff I can do other than Jazz improv (track 5 ftw, jazz).
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is very close.

I find that I am excited for thanksgiving this year. I'm not sure why, it probably falls in the catogeory of that all the holidays haven't been to my taste this year. Some examples:
St. Patricks' Day- Don't like green.
Labor Day- I don't like labor.
Halloween- I haven't trick or treated in a few years.
Hopefully, this turns out better. I'm hoping that I get some free coke :wtf:
Lately, I feel like getting some burgers or something for thanksgiving. I'm positive, but then there's the drawback that I'm eating with other people, and my Wendy's burger won't at all relate to their food.
Thanks for listening.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

What different instruments aquire for different ge

Current mood: curious

I've been really thinking about why different genres sound different. Sounds weird, but these are some conclusions I've come up about different genres.
Punk- Needs good drummer, fast drum parts. Much skill and dexterity is needed. General knowledge of guitar is needed, along with bass. Singing can be broad, but not too much is needed.
Rock- Good guitarist. Good bassist. Rock band will need drummer with sufficient knowledge, along with decent singer.
Metal- Good guitarist vital. Bassist should have broad knowledge. Drummer should have extreme skill, must know how to work double bass. Singer should know how to scream at all costs.
Pop- Drummer, bassist, and guitarist should have basic knowledge. Singer should have broad knowledge, and be able to hit notes at will.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Internet Discussion. Good and bad.

Current mood: critical

So yeah, I'm really thinking about what the internet does to all of us lately. I'm really weird like that, but I realize that a good population of the world has internet connection, and I'd like to include some of my theories about the internet.
Idea #1-
The internet has drastically effected all means of communication, along with texting. Things like AIM have effected things in positive and negative ways and hopefully more positive. So yeah, the weird thing is that after about 10 or more years of innovation, a lot of people hae adapted.
Idea #2-
The internet could hurt us. The internet has been responsible for death, and sometimes I feel it's not great. It's a giant civilization, and with giant civilizations, crime comes. It's often not safe for anyone.
Idea #3-
The internet can link directly to fame, and you often see movie stars with facebook or myspace profiles, or vloggers and people well known on youtube turning into people with very successful careers. The internet and hollywod is like one big chain. :wtf:
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