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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Guitar, Ego and the truth

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I know this is a weak blog, but I was reading other articles today and this is what came up......

As a guitarist, I have very little ego. I know, I know...the hell you say! The truth is that it takes work. I literally could have written a lesson on ego and how to destroy it. I am not some sort of arrogant shit head who thinks he is better than anyone else in the world. I am a pretty good geetar playa...I just don't go around telling people that "I am soooo much better than they are....blah!".

In anything that you do, I believe you should have a strong persona and have confidence.

"But isn't confidence and ego the same thing?"


For instance...You can be a good guitarist and be humble or you can be a good guitarist and be shitty...."I am so much better than you/him/her/them!". Know your ability, strengths and weaknesses. Know that you are going to show off your talent no matter what level you might be. . .

Yes, when I hear another musician or read an article, I tend to judge them a bit. Not for the benefit of my ego, but I do like to offer advice and/or show another path. There is more than one direction...When I talk to a student, I never say "That was awful!!!". I offer another way. . .path.

Next time you want to cut someone down, think about this. . .you were once a beginner as well. Instead of insults, give some sound advice. . . maybe something you have learned.

We are here to learn and teach, we are both masters and students.

Think before you speak.


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Lolcohol wrote on Jul 8th, 2011 7:18am

Some sage advice :)


stratmaster15 wrote on Jul 15th, 2011 10:58pm

Thats deep and true


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