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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

30 day album challenge July!

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Alright, this time I'm going to do this.

July 5th:
About to start writing, just got My guitar back from somebody who was borrowing it. My album is going to have to be all acoustic and keyboard/computer effects because my amp is busted, but that's cool. I don't have any recording stuff as of right now so I'll probably write all of my stuff and the borrow my cousins recording gear around the 15th or so. if not my birthday's the 19th so I'll just get a mic then if i have enough. I'm going to try to get lyrics in, but I'm not that great of a singer so I'm not sure yet...

July 6th:
Wrote what could possibly a first song's lyrics, will post them here when i get finished totally with them. I hope it doesn't sound too much like "anne Louise" by Manchester Orchestra because i think i might have copied the syllable pattern. I'll mess with the melody when i get the guitar part. On the Bright side, I already have more done than last time!

July 7/8th
Alright, haven't really got anything done since, the lyrics I talked about  earlier are below, its kind of a song about religion, or more specifically a lack of it. I feel like i need another verse. maybe... anyway here it is

This town should have been burned long ago
because now it stands as a monument, to my long lost soul.
and I hope that I won't ever have to come back
out of some misplaced sense of homesick fear, that I'm moving too fast.

I pray that there's no reckoning at the end,
no standing trial for all of my earthly sins.
Trying to explain to a god in which i didn't believe,
Why I did the things that they've rightly accused of me

So I'll sit right here, and hope for the best.
Watching the smoke trail off of my last cigarette
the smoke drifting ever upward towards the sky
telling myself that nothing happens when we die.

I may just sing the first or second verse twice, since those two are my favorite. if anyone reads this, crit4crit?

till tomorrow

July 9th,
alright, got the chords for the first song down. nothing special but they do the job. I'm going to probably break out the rock band mic and lay down a demo to play around with synths and stuff. I may be using these demos for the album if i cant find a better mic, but something shitty is better than nothing at all right? I'll start writing the lyrics for the rest of the songs tomorrow, and maybe tonight sometime.
off to work

July 10th.
Got the first song recorded, I like it enough to keep it, I guess I'm recording an album with a rock band mic. After that I recorded a little creepy nautical sounding intro for the album. I'm done with about 4 and a half minutes of music 1/3rd of the way throught the month. I'm making progress! lyrics for the rest of the songs aren't really coming along well. I'm struggling the most in that section of songwriting definitely. I can get the guitar work written and any other supporting instruments pretty quickly, but lyrics are just a totally different monster for me.

July 12th,
alright no tangible progress over the last two days, but i do have a cool descending type chord progression that I've been working on, a riff that I could use somewhere in a song, a lyric idea that I really like, and a sustain pedal for my keyboard. I think i can make this work.

p.s. totally unrelated side note, I picked up led zeppelin II and Holy Diver today on vinyl. I'm happy.

July 17th>
AHHHH! I've been really busy the last few days so nothing has gotten done! I have so much left to do its not even funny. I'm off now!

didn't get it done. sorry guys. I was out of town pretty much the whole back half of the month. I'll get it done next time.
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