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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ug Benefit Album for Australian Floods submission

Alright, time for another  episode of "Songs Clint Intends To Write for Albums, but Will Probably Fail in The End" It's a long name, but I think it Flows.

This time it's the UG Benefit Album for Australian Floods ( p?t=1401139 ), and since it's for a good cause I'm bound and damn determined to get it done.  My progress will be blogged about here, mainly to keep myself on track, but also because I enjoy typing. 

So Yesterday, I got all of my recording gear set up, and by recording gear I mean amp plugged in to the computer via headphone jack with a converter, and monitoring the signal through my computer speakers with FL studio 9. The latency is suprisingly low, and after a 10 second or so adjustment period, I couldn't even tell that it was taking time. I'm going to have to do it all again later tonight, because I'm going back to my dorm and will be recording on my laptop for most of this.

I haven't written the song yet, but I figured having the ability to easily record my stuff would at least help the ideas come out. I'm thinking I'm going to do a song with a clean/acoustic guitar with electric drum beats, synths, and multi-tracked vocals. sort of Prize Fighter Inferno-ish, but less techno and more guitar oriented.

Lyrics are going to be the toughest part of this, I'm trying to write things, but I'm never satisfied with what gets put down, and never know how to fix it. I've decided that I am not doing an instrumental though, so it's going to be a challenge. 

That's a long first post, but most of that was just getting plans laid, future updates will have actual results and less supposing. (hopefully)

1/24/2011 afternoon update.
I wrote some lyrics and a chord progression last night, I think I still like them, but I'm going to take a look at them later to determine if I'm going to use it. I even have an idea of what i want the music besides the chords to sound like. It's going to be sparse and all acoustic at the beginning, but after I finish singing the song will build to an instrumental outro complete with sad sounding guitar solos and either a string section or just plain electro synths, and maybe even a drum beat behind it. 

I'm installing the demo to FL studio 9 on my computer right now, so I'll have to do each track as an mp3 or wav and then mix them into audacity, or mix them FL studio and export the whole thing instead of just saving it as a .flp project. I'll make it work.

if time allows tonight, I may even start writing a second song, and then judge which one I like better when they're both done.

The name of the Track right now is "Rome is Burning" if anyone is curious.

sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I've been busy with school and such. I haven't recorded anything with "Rome is Burning," and I'm not sure if I will. You see, I've recently had an idea for a different song, and I'm going to try to write and record it. I'ts going to start out acoustic and sad, and build and build and, you know how it goes. think Colly Strings by Manchester Orchestra but just different.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best Albums of 2010!

oh look, another one of these!

Alright, so 2010 is all but gone, and it's been a good year for my music collection. I'm not going to put them in any sort of order, I'm just going to put them on as I go.

The Sword: Warp Riders
The Sword's latest effort is sort of a departure from the normal stoner metal/doom riffs of their last album. This record has more hard rock influences than Gods of The Earth or Age of Winters. It's still really metal though, and they still sound a lot like if Black Sabbath were formed today.

Minus The Bear - Omni

I just recently got into Minus The Bear, and this was the album that did it. They're not an easy band to describe in terms of sound, but i like to think of them as chill out party music, but with epic beards mixed in. they also have a really cool guitar tone throughout most of this album, and a stylophone solo!

High on Fire- Snakes for the Divine

I really can't say enough about how good this album is. All of the tracks are sheer stoner metal heaven, and Matt Pike's growling vocals are as angry and awesome as ever. I recommend listening to the whole album, but if you just want one song, "Bastard Samurai" and "How Dark We Pray" are high points.

The Black Keys - Brothers

You've probably heard a fair amount of the black keys in commercials already, and you should hear more. This band has a bluesy lo-fi sound that I absolutely love,and the video has kids fighting!

Coheed & Cambria - Year of The Black Rainbow

I'm not going to lie, I am a total Coheed fanatic. I've lost track of how many times I've listened to each album in order, I can tell you what era the performance of a song is by the length of Claudio's hair, if you're reading this, chances are I'm listening to them right now. That said, I'm torn about this album. It's an almost drastic departure from the Prog-filled excursions of the previous four albums, and the fanboy in me wants to scream "Heresy!", but even still, Year of the Black Rainbow is a really good rock album. I'm not going to tell you which tracks to look up, except for the link I gave, because the whole album is something that should be listened to by all.

Golgo Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle ture=related  (the only not-live version i could find had a weird intro that i didn't like, and this live video is just pure amazingness)

Gogol Bordello haven't changed much in their career, and I'm very glad. they're a Ukranian Gypsy-Punk Band (Think if the Dropkick Murphys were from Russia), and their sound is a perfect example of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". 

Beat Radio - Golden Age

Beat Radio is the band I'm currently just gushing about, not only because they're great, which they are, but also because at least half of their discography is free online, or only $4. This album was just released this month, and it is already one of my favorite albums period. tracks like the title track "Golden Age" and "Everything Follows" showcase what this album is all about, laid-back electric guitar parts mixed with synths and electronic drum beats and Brian Sendrowitz's distinctive voice over it all. Golden Age is an album you should own. (That sounded a lot like a commercial for the band... oh well.)

Here are a few other albums from 2010 that were good, but not best list-worthy

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Pendulum - Immersion
Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies

That's it! Now I can look forward to 2011! New Right Away! Great Captain, Fleet Foxes, and Death Cab for Cutie. It's going to be sweet.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

30 day album challenge July!

Alright, this time I'm going to do this.

July 5th:
About to start writing, just got My guitar back from somebody who was borrowing it. My album is going to have to be all acoustic and keyboard/computer effects because my amp is busted, but that's cool. I don't have any recording stuff as of right now so I'll probably write all of my stuff and the borrow my cousins recording gear around the 15th or so. if not my birthday's the 19th so I'll just get a mic then if i have enough. I'm going to try to get lyrics in, but I'm not that great of a singer so I'm not sure yet...

July 6th:
Wrote what could possibly a first song's lyrics, will post them here when i get finished totally with them. I hope it doesn't sound too much like "anne Louise" by Manchester Orchestra because i think i might have copied the syllable pattern. I'll mess with the melody when i get the guitar part. On the Bright side, I already have more done than last time!

July 7/8th
Alright, haven't really got anything done since, the lyrics I talked about  earlier are below, its kind of a song about religion, or more specifically a lack of it. I feel like i need another verse. maybe... anyway here it is

This town should have been burned long ago
because now it stands as a monument, to my long lost soul.
and I hope that I won't ever have to come back
out of some misplaced sense of homesick fear, that I'm moving too fast.

I pray that there's no reckoning at the end,
no standing trial for all of my earthly sins.
Trying to explain to a god in which i didn't believe,
Why I did the things that they've rightly accused of me

So I'll sit right here, and hope for the best.
Watching the smoke trail off of my last cigarette
the smoke drifting ever upward towards the sky
telling myself that nothing happens when we die.

I may just sing the first or second verse twice, since those two are my favorite. if anyone reads this, crit4crit?

till tomorrow

July 9th,
alright, got the chords for the first song down. nothing special but they do the job. I'm going to probably break out the rock band mic and lay down a demo to play around with synths and stuff. I may be using these demos for the album if i cant find a better mic, but something shitty is better than nothing at all right? I'll start writing the lyrics for the rest of the songs tomorrow, and maybe tonight sometime.
off to work

July 10th.
Got the first song recorded, I like it enough to keep it, I guess I'm recording an album with a rock band mic. After that I recorded a little creepy nautical sounding intro for the album. I'm done with about 4 and a half minutes of music 1/3rd of the way throught the month. I'm making progress! lyrics for the rest of the songs aren't really coming along well. I'm struggling the most in that section of songwriting definitely. I can get the guitar work written and any other supporting instruments pretty quickly, but lyrics are just a totally different monster for me.

July 12th,
alright no tangible progress over the last two days, but i do have a cool descending type chord progression that I've been working on, a riff that I could use somewhere in a song, a lyric idea that I really like, and a sustain pedal for my keyboard. I think i can make this work.

p.s. totally unrelated side note, I picked up led zeppelin II and Holy Diver today on vinyl. I'm happy.

July 17th>
AHHHH! I've been really busy the last few days so nothing has gotten done! I have so much left to do its not even funny. I'm off now!

didn't get it done. sorry guys. I was out of town pretty much the whole back half of the month. I'll get it done next time.
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

30 day album challenge extravaganza!

Alrighty. I've started the 30 day album challenge, and have yet to write any songs, I'm about to log off and start writing the first song. It's going to be an instrumental stoner metal type thing in the vein of black sabbath and the sword. I'm excited about it.

UPDATE APRIL 8th: the black sabbath/ the sword thing is coming along harder than i thought, but I have the chord progression worked out for a sort of acoustic low-key song. I'm trying to decide whether or not to put lyrics with it. I guess it depends on whether or not I can write them!

UPDATE APRIL 14th: Alright I've been lazy, nothing new is written, let alone recorded. oops! Getting back to work on it now.

UPDATE MAY 9TH: oops. I didn't get done. oh well, maybe next time.
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