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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm backkk!

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I had a busy week... both this week and last.. That meant two weeks of no guitar. I felt kind of weird not playing.

Just picked it back up for like an hour and a half. My fingers feel funny now.. haha. But just been going over some old, easy songs. Somehow.. I got better at note changing though. So that's a plus... somehow.

But I'm starting to hate my Peavey lol. Dunno. Tried to record something, but it sounded soooo rough. Maybe it was the mic.. dunno cause it sounded fine to me. Maybe I just suck and don't realize it.. lol. Still... It's so embarrassing admitting that I a Peavey now.

I need monies. I stole my brother's Jackson Warrior.. it sounded so much better. Maybe I'll buy and Ibanz :) that's what he suggested anyhow. Hm I smell a trip to Sam Ash sometime in the near future When/if I get money... or when/if I get any better.

I AM seeing my improvement, definitely. It just.. takes forever!! I am so impatient.. haha.

I guess I should move on to learning hammerons a little better now.
Gave up on barring. I think I just need to keep playing and eventually my fingers will get the idea.
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The_Big_A wrote on Jul 1st, 2008 1:49am

Awesome, good to see that you are getting better :) And don't worry just be patient and practice as much as possible an dyou will get the hang of it. Haha, im jealous, you got to play a jackson warrior And as far as recording goes, it's hard to get a good sound when you try to mic things.


jsik6 wrote on Jul 1st, 2008 5:31pm

Don't forget to HAVE FUN!!!! ....isn't that why we all started jammin'? The fun? (True, it was mostly for the chicks, but that falls under the category of "fun") (In my little world anyhow)


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