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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Gear

Current mood: bandwaggony and bored

After seeing multiple blogs about people describing their gear, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, because I know everyone out there is concerned with what I'm using and how I'm liking it ;)
Ok first to the guitars.  I have my 3 year old schecter hellraiser avenger in black.  Sweet guitar, EMG pickups just kill.  Plays real fast, easy access, and it's in a weird shape, which is cool 'cuz I've never seen anyone else using one that looks like it around here.  I like having unique gear.  Second guitar, my Ibanez VBT700.  Insane access, and plays like a dream.  And it helps that I got a killer deal on this.  Also black.
And to the amp, my lovely Peavey 6505+.  Another killer deal (1000 USD out the door for a back room model)  The overdrive channel = my sound.  I knew as soon as I played it that it was my future amp.  Clean channel has a quite a bit of room for improvement, but I didn't buy an amp for the clean channel.  I've tweaked with my settings enough to get it decent though.  I've got this matched up with a nice, old, Marshall 4x12.  Celestion speakers, sounds great.
And of course you want to know about my pedals right?  First pedal I bought was my Marshall Guv'nor plus (OD).  Since buying my 6505+ I've only really used this thing at band practice (6505+ doesn't get to come with me, 4x12's are too big of a pain in the ass).  It's sweet, but it just can't compete with my amp.  Second pedal would be my Morely Mark Tremonti Wah.  This is a fucking sweet pedal.  If you're looking for a wah, check out the Morleys, because the auto on/off is the greatest thing ever.  Then for my birthday last year I got a nice little Marshall Echohead.  Took me a while to pick this thing out, delays are a tricky pedal if you're really picky about things.  IMO this is the best deal out there.  Then I bought my Boss TU2, because I relised that I would have too many tunings to play gigs.  Floor tuners are overpriced, but they are worth it for me, because I like twisting my tuning pegs.  And my latest pedal is my Boss NS2, bought about 2 months after my 6505+, and I couldn't be happier with it.  It DESTROYS unwanted feedback, but of course I can always turn it off to get that loud squeeeeel in between songs that is just so cool.
Congratulations! You've just read about my gear.  This took me 10 minutes to write, so that's 10 less minutes I need to worry about.  I gotta keep myself busy somehow right?  And stay tuned for future purchases, I'll be looking for a 2x12 cabinet (speaking of I'm going to pawn shops tomorrow to look for a cheap speakerless one) because I'm starting to miss my 6505+ every time I'm at band practice.  And a furman pedal board will be coming soon, because I don't like setting up/tearing down my pedals and I hate relying on batteries, expecially with my battery eater of a delay pedal.
Ok now I'm done for real.  If you actually read the whole thing, then damn congratulations on being even more bored than I am right now.  :p
Well ok, seriously, I'm done here, bye
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