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Monday, April 20, 2009

guess the song

Current mood: amused

Put your itunes or whatever on random

write the first line of the first 30 songs that play

try and guess the song!

google as well as any other search engine is cheating. you can not look at anything for help. you must know with out looking it up.


1. oh death, o death, won't you spare me over till another year?

2. well vince was a loner, a lovable stoner, uh huh

3. they're gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you.

4. you look pretty in your fancy dress, but i detect unhappiness

5. four letter word just to get me along, its a difficulty and im biting on my tongue.

6. rosemary, heaven restores you in life.

7. i like girls, they like me, they look so good, in they seven jeans

8. find yourself a girl and settle down, live a simple life in a quiet town.

9. tell me where our time went, and if it was time will spent

10. you dont know how you met me, you dont know why, you cant turn around and say goodbye

You're gonna forget your mind. Lock down. Stay undefined! Take your time! Swallow the gun, take a shot, let it rot in your stomach.

12. Ci sono cose che nessuno ti dirą.
(HA! good luck with this one yall)

When I first met Doreen she was barely seventeen. she was drinking whiskey sours at a bar

14. i take a couple uppers, i down a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills

15. i said "darlin why so blue?" she told me "ive been missin you."

16. im looking down the hole, you're looking up at me

Marky got with Sharon and Sharon got Cherese, she was sharing Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease

18. and when you try you'll catch my vibe, ill blast a million moons away ill blow a million miles a day

19. bad snow freeze my throat and numbs my soul

20. shes such a charmer, oh no.

21. hello little boys little toys.
(haha wow thats embarrassing to type)

22. when i was a little boy, only one or two, the first thing i did enjoy was a plate of barbecue.

23. johanna drove slowly into the city, the hudson river all filled with snow

24. all along the western front people line up to receive.

25. i wanna be your dominated love slave, i wanna be the one who takes the pain.
(wow another embarrassing one)

26. some people call me the space cowboy

27. ive heard there was a sectret chord that david played and it pleased the lord

I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine

29. why girl why? what do you want from me?

30. do the D-A-N-C-E, one-two-three-four fight!
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Monday, December 08, 2008

Anatomy of a Bear E.P.!!!

Current mood: accomplished

After 10 hours of nonstop recording (play monkey play) we have finnaly done it! The boys from AOB are proud to say we have birthed a delicious sounding E.P. This collection of 5 wounderously wonderful tunes is sure to delight listeners in all stages of life and from all parts of the known world (and some parts of the unknown). Your mandatory support for the hardworking boys of Anatomy of a Bear is greatly appreacieated and can, must, be shown by purchasing our first ever E.P. (title under discussion).

Thank yall and come see us in Dallas anytime. We like to hang around Deep Elm (pronounced: Ellum) so look for our gigs there!
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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

deafening silence

A horrible deafening silence fills the dank air.
It is a silence that only the deaf know,
and the deaf despise.

Stepping across the threshold the girl moves to the sink.
Her bare feet shuffle soundlessly across the cold white tiles.
The black bathrobe falls silently as she slides it
off her shoulders. It falls silently to the icy floor.

The girl takes a match. The soft snap of her striking it sounds
like a gunshot echoing through a canyon. With the help
of a candle she brings (life) to the shadows. They dance rapidly;
jumping from wall to wall; circling their source; never resting.

The flickering light generated by the flame reveals a soul-less monster.
Looking into its eyes she knows she must rid herself of it.
Slowly, so as not to attract attention, she stretches out a limb
and takes the shining piece of shining metal. The spouts

begin to pour; life slowly drains into the sink.
A quiet grin grows on the girl’s face. This glistening smile
outshines even the burning candle. There (is) a sparkle in
her brown eyes. The life slowly drips down the drain.

With the monster defeated a small cheerful tear sprints
down her left cheek. Her (beautiful) new face glows radiantly
in the flickering candlelight. Tears of joy carve black mascara
trails down her pale face. Reaching out

she lets the remaining red life drip onto the pearl white candle.
Fighting a loosing battle it hisses and struggles to give life,
to the circling shadows. With a fatal drop the shadows are laid to rest.
Their life source extinguished; the room is dark again.

As darkness swallows her, the girl picks up a clean
white robe; leaving the black one lifeless on the floor.
Still dripping blood her bare feet, again, slide soundlessly across the tile.
Retreating past the threshold the deafening silence returns. Filling
the room this time with peace.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Look closely and you will see that life is beautiful.

I took a creative writing class this year and this is my favorite piece. Being a new writer and all I could use input on what people think about my work.

Your comments and critiques are appreciated.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Current mood: enraged

    Well all this week I have been practicing for a show that I played last night. Everything had been going great and I had finnaly gotten down the new song we were adding, but when I get to my drummer's house I start having problems with my amp. I sounds horrible and we take it apart but can't find out what is wrong. I end up haveing to practice useing my drummer's old crappy guitar amp and almost endup blowing it out.
    So the day of the show I pack up my bass and head out to the venue. By this time I have gotten a good bass amp from my friend, but when we get to the venue and plug in I still have the same problem with my sound. We quickly realise that it is my semi-new Fender Jazz that is screwing up. Needless to say i was very very very pissed off.
    I now have to drive back to my friend's house pick up his Ibanez and speed back to make this show. I did make it to the show on time and everything from then on went fine, but now I have to call Fender to see why the hell a 4-month old J-Bass is already screwing up.
    Please say my warrenty covers whatever went wrong.
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