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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Current mood: giddy

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I went to a concert with my friend Abbey and we stood in line for an hour (and a half, they were late) in the rain to see 2-3 bands play. (we waited for the 3rd band because we didnt care about the second one) One of the bands was Anarbor and we got REALLY close to the front row! When the lead singer, Slade, through water into the crowd, a huge splash of it hit my face. ;) After the show was over, I go "Hey Abbey, is that him!?!?" It was so we followed him and I got a cool picture with him and his signature on my ticket. He looked right into my eyes and said "So did you like the show?" and I was like "YESSS!!!!!!!" and he laughed and I felt special because I was shaking really badly. I wanted his beanie hat. ;D Well I can't describe the whole concert, but if any questions pop up I'd be glad to answer them(: (We also saw Go Radio and Runner Runner)
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