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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Do you like cartoons??

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Hello blogging people! for some reason i didn't feel like posting this in the pit! so here we go...
Im planning making a cartoon soon and i got the idea, characters, etc.
Oh, and i know how to animate in flash, so you know...
Okay, so i need some serious help!! the thing is that i dont know how to draw (in the computer i do, i mean by hand) and i need some help with it, if anyone knows to draw and wants to collaborate me with my cartoon that would be really cool and youd have a cookie, some thanks and a high five (oh and you would apear in the credits) but  i think the coolest of all is that people in youtube would see your drawings talking and mooving!
So if you are interested, here I give you the basic idea of the fisrt season (4 episodes of approximately 3 or 4 minutes):
The protagonist of the cartoon is a bear. This bear has 2 friends, a rabbit which is the cool guy that thinks he can beat everyobody and a dog that is the dumb guy. This dog, rabbit and bear are in a band (rabbit bass, dog drums, bear guitar and vocals); the story doesn't necesarily revolve around the band, it is just something extra, well, maybe a bit more than that. The bear has a mother who is obviously a bear and she is married with an elephant who has a son, which an elephant obviously. Therefore, this elephant and the bear are stepbrothers and hate each other. The head of the family, the Elephant, works as a reporter of a local diary and he is always in the border of getting fired by his boss (a bear, wich will later turn to be the protagonist's father) because he always brings stupid stories.
That is the basic ideas and good, funny episode lines will come out (I just need to put a name to this characters).
Oh and if you wanna draw those characters for me, please write me/PM or whateva and we can talk more about it (for the moment, I am just thinking on making all of these animals bipedal and giving them some clothes weather is is a jersey, some casual pants, a hat, etc.)
Thanks a lot all of you interested illustrators with talent!!!!!
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