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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Let me start by stating this not very well known fact from BBC news.

In Britain, each Catholic diocese has an exorcist, but they are forbidden to speak publicly about the ritual and are rarely identified.

Now not to belittle a major religion, disagree with irrefutable logic the Catholic Church is so reputed for or sound like I’m overreacting to this, but is it just me or does that not scare the living shit out of you?

To know that the Catholic Church has an exorcist at disposal anywhere in the country?!

Now the Church states that it’s priests are encouraged to work closely with medical professionals to distinguish between demonic influence and mental illness and if the latter can be ruled out, fire ahead with battle for the soul !

In this day and age I think the majority have accepted that this type of stuff can be expected from Catholicism, however I took a different look at this fact. That means that in this country we have medical professionals, who have undergone all their education and are in a career where their position is to treat ill patients and they are the ones who can rule out mental illness and give a thumbs up to Satan secretly hiding within. How fucked are you when even your doctor suggests you are possessed?

It is said that most exorcisms performed do in fact turn out to be some form of mental problem as opposed to demons. There are priests all over the world performing extreme exorcisms on ill people and turning round afterwards and saying “oops…looks like he was just coming down”

Which brings me to Father Gabriele Amorth. The deaths of Alois Estermann and family in 1998, church sex abuse scandals, the attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life in 1981 and the woman who lunged at Pope Benedictine XVI at Midnight Mass…apparently all demonic influence. For how could these good god loving men who sexually abuse children be condemned? Of course they are lovely harmless old men, it is the devil at work; when you look at it that way it all makes sense now ! Bull. Shit.

He claims that when performing exorcisms his ‘patients?’ sometimes need be heavily restrained and that they tend to throw up exotic materials:

"Anything can come out of their mouths – finger-length pieces of iron, but also rose petals."

Right…why isn’t this guy in jail ?!

The Roman Ritual of Exorcism states the following criteria as signs of being possessed:

  • Victim speaks or understands unknown languages without ever studying the language being spoken or heard
  • Victim clearly knows things that are distant or hidden
  • Victim can predict future events (sometimes through dreams)
  • Victim has an intense hatred for holy things
  • Victim shows a physical strength far above his age or normal condition

I’ll start with the first point by adding that this is not to be mistaken with talking in tongues, which is a sign of religious ecstasy. So speaking literately in a foreign language – bad, demon ! Speaking absolute fucking jibberish – good, god !

The point I find fascinating is the 4th one, about an intense hatred for holy things. Ehm… does that make me possessed? I think there are quite a lot of people who fall under that category. That’s sort of saying “Ok you either agree with our religion, or you are possessed by the devil ?”

I should watch what I’m saying, since half of my family are all Catholics and all attend cult institutional education and so there’s a chance I might walk in one day to find my family standing there with a priest…time for my exorcism intervention. Although if I did walk in and see a priest standing next to my bed holding restraints, I’d get on my knees and pray to god that it was just an exorcism I was getting….

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