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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

...I Broke A String on a Floyd Rose...

Current mood: surprised

   So yesterday I sat down with my guitar and plugged it in. I started playing, just like any other day, and I wasn't even rocking out. I was just strumming along and out of nowhere my little E string makes this CRACK noise and then flings itself into the side of my wrist... and it hurt like crap! :eek: And scared me a little, haha.
   I guess it was bound to happen sometime because I hadn't changed my strings in 9 months. They were still in good condition though, I always clean them off after I play. Turns out that the broke string was only half the problem...
   I took the back plate off the Jackson to see if everything was still ok and I found out that the springs in the bridge had all popped off. Now I have to buy new strings, put them on, AND attempt to fix the bridge.  And anybody with a Floyd Rose knows how long that can take sometimes with all the adjusting and screwing and locking and tuning. I can't really say I'm looking forward to it.
  Wish me luck... 
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Some info on my pictures...

Ok so if you haven't noticed, I've uploaded a lot of new pictures and I figured I should probably go ahead and explain a few things before I get any questions on them. Haha.
In the picture of me on the phone, I am playing my girlfriend's 1978 Takamine, and in the picture of me as a hippie I'm playing my best friend's guitar, who is also known as FIGHTERSOFFOO on UG. That picture was taken after our church Christmas play in the nursery. I had to be Joseph, so I still had my headband on from my costume. The picture called "Duo" is the only one of me actually playing my own guitar. Haha. (And yes, those are car emblems on the bed!)
The picture of me and Meredith in the snow was taken in Wintergreen, Virginia on our ski trip. By the way I ski on black diamonds and double black diamonds, and I've only been skiing 3 times in my life. Woohoo! The other picture of me and her is in my room.
The awards in the cross country were for Dave (FIGHTERSOFFOO), Meredith, and me, and we each got coach's award, girl's mvp, and boys mvp respectively.
That pretty much sums up all my pictures! If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them.
Defend Rock!
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Friday, March 06, 2009

A Little About Myself

My name is Zack! As you can probably guess, my favorite band is the Foo Fighters. I live in the middle of NOWHERE and cross country and track are the sports I play. My fastest 800 meter time is 2:07, my fastest mile time is 5:05, my best 2 mile time is 11:37, and my best 5 K time is 17:50. I have a wonderful, amazing girlfriend named Meredith whom I have been dating for a over a year, and I love her very much. She is my hero!!
On a musical perspective, my favorite acoustic strings are Elixir, my favorite picks are .71 to .75 medium guage, and I use a Hosa guitar cord and Sony headphones.
"The big question to the meaning of life is 'why?' And the answer is simply 'because!'"
Defend Rock!
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown

Current mood: tired

Ok, so I went to that concert at Hooligan's on Friday... and it was awesome!! Halestorm were the first band to open up, and I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasently surprised because they were pretty good. I bought one of their cd's for $5 and got it signed by all of the band. They have a few kinks to work out, but they definitely have talent and potential.
Next to play was the band I had really come to see- Black Stone Cherry. They played a 30-minute set that was truly incredible, they had perfect guitar solos and they really shined on stage. I also got a signed poster from the whole band and got to talk with them face-to-face. Only thing wrong was they only played for 30 minutes! Haha.
Shinedown was up after them, and they were pretty good, but not quite as good as Black Stone Cherry. They went through a set of all their biggest hits and some of their other songs. They played for an hour and a half, and I had to take a break in the middle of it because the cigarette smoke in the room looked like being in a cloud... I probably have lung cancer now.
Overall- Excellent performance by everyone. I recommend checking out all three of these bands if you get a chance! :D
Defend Rock!
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Current mood: excited

I'm going to go see Shinedown and Black Stone Cherry at Hooligan's Pub in Jacksonville Friday night and I can't wait. Two great bands...my head is going to explode or something!
I will update this as soon as I can after the show to let people know how it went.
Rock On!!
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

I don't like MySpace!

 Ok so the main reason I don't have a MySpace is because it starts way too much drama... I hear girls at school talking all this crap about each other for something they posted on their pages. I am a quiet, easy-going kind of guy and it makes no sense to me why people would bother with such childish gossip. MySpace serves no purpose other than that of a social tool... Which is fine in and of itself, but from my experience people abuse it far too often. For example, I know someone who created a fake MySpace in someone else's name and used it to trash them. Why do people act so stupid on the internet?? :wtf:

Anyways, thats my rant on MySpace, haha. I like UG much better because it actually has a reason behind it, and that is to share your music with other people and learn about making music. So far I haven't come across any smack talk, and that shows me that the people that use this site have more common sense than most.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

My Song List

This is a list of all the songs I've learned on guitar so far. It's mostly novice stuff, but hey, I'm still learning. :D If you know any cool songs to play or have any suggestions just post a comment.
AC/DC- Back In Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, Thunderstruck
America- Ventura Highway
Blue Oyster Cult- (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Bon Jovi- Wanted Dead Or Alive
Cake- The Distance
Coldplay- Don't Panic
Cream- Sunshine Of Your Love, White Room
Def Leppard- Too Late For Love
Everlast- What It's Like
Foo Fighters- Everlong, My Hero, The Pretender, Another Round, Stranger Things Have Happened, Marigold, Over And Out, Resolve, Virginia Moon, Times Like These, Razor, Best Of You, Friend Of A Friend, All My Life, Iron And Stone, Wattershed, Miracle
Jack Johnson- Banana Pancakes
Led Zeppelin- Over The Hills And Far Away, Thank You
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man
Nazareth- Hair Of The Dog
Nirvana- Polly, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Drain You, In Bloom
Outkast- Hey Ya
Pearl Jam- Do The Evolution
Robin Trower- Bridge Of Sighs
Metallica- Creeping Death
Creed- Lullaby
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