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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Current mood: contemplative

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So, I'm starting to properly get into UG. About bloody time. The amount of times I've come on the site for a quick look about the forums, maybe a post here and there, then not come back for months on end...

Anyway, I've actually made an effort to post about the place this time, and I've already discovered a few people who are pretty awesome, so it looks like this time I'll be sticking about. Not only is The Pit hilarious, but there's loads of good discussion about gear and songwriting and stuff, and I think being active on the forums here will also keep me involved with my guitar playing, and stop me from leaving my gear to gather dust again.

Just thought I'd post a quick blog, partly cos I'm bored, and partly cos it's annoying me that the profile's telling me it's only 21% complete... ;)
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