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kr46 (2)
Monday, July 20, 2009

Theives and why I hate them

Current mood: Angry and very upset+lonely

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This is the last straw. I have lost any respect that I had for the minority groups, Gangsters and the try hard Gangsters (as these groups are the source of the crime in my area) as my car was broken into tonight, not sure if anything was stolen into yet as my mother had it while taking my sister to an after hours surgery. The car was fucking broken into at an after hours surgery talk about rubbing salt into open wounds, I mean seriously how fucking low can you get?? Although my sisters handbag was on the back seat which is fucking stupid in itself but why do people feel the need to take what others have worked for. What makes it their right to take from others and call those possesions their own? I wish our justice system was like that of the United States of America where sentences are served consecutively rather than at the same time and the death penalty is still used (in some states any way, please correct me if I'm wrong). It will wake up these pathetic low life fuckwits that life is not a free ticket and actions have concequences. Sometimes I wish I wasn't alive on this earth so I wouldn't have to see the attrocities that happen on a regular basis. I'm lost in myself and I have lost faith in everything. If you can please help me.
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kr46 wrote on Jul 19th, 2009 12:57pm

Hey My friend I feel for you, Crime effects us all and I,m sure we have all at sometime been efected or been a victim of it. As you say there are a lot of low life parasites who live off others instead of making a way in life for themselves..Unfortunately in our days Drugs plays a big part in crime and someone would rob or even kill for a fix...The most important thing here is YOU are ok, a car can be repaired an item can be replaced but you are not so easy to replace:).....Yes it totaly sucks but please don't let it bring you down too much because it will eat you up and they will have got to you more,,, don't give these Bastards the space in your life...Rise above them as you are a good person and will be long after they fade into their own self pity...peace.


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