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supralightning wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 1:17am

I really liked a couple of the parts that you had, notably the lead arpeggios and some of the machine gun riffing at the very end. The song is a bit drawn out to be instrumental as it stands, but with some tweaking, bass, and drums, I think you could pull it off. Vocals would just bring the entire track to life too. I really hope you continue to work at what you have here. Music writing and recording can be extremely fun and rewarding, and you can easily challenge yourself to become a better musician through it. Just keep it up and always remember to have fun at what you do.

Best of luck to you!


supralightning wrote on Jan 11th, 2012 1:16am

Hey man! Thanks for posting on my thread. I checked out your work here and I think I have some advice for you. It sounds like you can play pretty well, I think your lead work and your rhythm playing show good promise. The track is hard to crit with just guitar lines as it stands right now, but this is what I would suggest. It might be a lot of work, but if you are serious about writing songs I think its a great habit to develop. Get a download of Guitar pro, or a similar program that lets you tab out parts and play them back as midi. Use the program to help organize your tracks, and plan out what you can do to keep the listener engaged. A bonus of using the program is that you can also write bass lines and drum tracks with it, and then just import them into a VST plugin and get a good sounding finished sample track.


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