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Monday, June 30, 2008

Vibrochamp is teh fail

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Well my little Fender Vibrochamp amp is going back to MF.  Shortly after I took the picture below, I noticed the case was cracked!  The fiberboard (!) that the case is made out of is cracked all the way through, along the upper right edge from corner to corner. 
I have to assume it was shipping/handling damage,  but I must say, I'm not at all impressed with the construction of this amp.  I don't know if all the smaller fender amps are constructed like this, but this one is extremely fragile.  There is no corner/edge protection or reinforcement whatsover.
I'm bummed, because I wanted to like this little 5-watt tube modeler, but I just don't trust the construction.
I've since replaced it with a Roland Cube 30x, which seems much stouter and the tones and effects seem every bit as good, if not better, even though it's solid state.
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