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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

04/09/07 - An 18th to end all 18ths

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At our gig on Sunday I was informed of a party being thrown by a friend's little brother in celebration of his mate's 18th birthday on Tuesday.  He was going to be home alone and decided to have a little gathering, so obviously me and some of the boys decided to make an appearence.  I'd already got the Wednesday off work because we had studio time booked to record our new EP, so I didn't even have to worry about work the next day which was awesome!

We nipped to Tesco first and bought Stella and a few bottles of Strongbow (yeah, we're classy) and pulled up outside the house at about 8pm.  It was HEAVING.  There were a shit load of people outside and inside, and as we walked in it became clear that we were the oldest people at the party by at least two or three years, which was weird!  It was also pretty awesome to hear that they were playing our band on the stereo... love it!

MUCH MUCH drinking ensued:

Me and my boys are the right four, the two on the right are randoms

Me wearing the dog's blanket and Dom getting on the cider

After we'd polished off all our drink, Dan decided to take a viagra that he found on the floor, haha!  It kicked in after about five minutes and was the funniest thing in the world.  We lost him after that and I found him in the shed with two girls.  I walked in to join him and I'm not really sure what happened in there, but I managed to smash a window.  I don't want to remember what happened in there either, the girls there were all 17/18 which is just a little too young for my liking.

Anyways, in the morning we examined the carnage.  Holy shit, the smashed window was the least of the problems.  The host's mum's car had been DESTROYED.  All the tyres had been slashed, the windscreen wipers had been stolen, the wingmirrors had been kicked off, someone stole the car badges off the front and back and then scratched every part of the car with a key... seriously out of order.  We also found a pair of pants posted in the letterbox, one guy was asleep in nextdoor's garden, and Dan was asleep naked on the sofabed.

I then had to spend the day recording bass.  I felt minging.
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