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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A couple of new .mp3 uploads :)

I feel like I haven't uploaded anything new for AGES (partly because I actually haven't), so I thought I'd put up a couple of samples of tracks I'm working on at the moment for my solo project.  Yes, they're home recordings.  Yes, they're short.  Yes, they're unfinished.  Yes, they're going to sound amazing when they're finished

Another reason for me doing this is because I'm supposed to be in the XpressionFM studios working out the A and B playlists, emailing record labels, making the Top 40 chart and sorting out band interviews but I can't be arsed!

Oh, that's another thing: I'm Head of Music at XpressionFM now, which is the Exeter 'uni radio station and is twinned with XFM.  It's amazing.

Expect another blog filling you lovely people in on what's been going on in my life with regards to band interviews, radio air time, parties etc.  I know you're all interested
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

09/09/07 - Waking up in a hedge

It was Dan's last day working at Tesco on Saturday so a load of people went to the pub for farewell drinks (I used to work there, so I know them all as well).  Obviously me being the tight student I am, I bought two bottles of cider from Tesco with the plan to just top up my pint to save money (yeah, I'm tight, but you would be too if you were ?1500 overdrawn).  Anyway, when I got there it turned out that they were all going to Liquid (a club in a nearby town) and after drinking one of my bottles of cider, clubbing seemed like a damn good idea!

We drove to the town and decided to have a few drinks in the pub Weatherspoons because it's cheap, and'd save us buying drinks in Liquid.

On to the club!

By this time I was pretty wasted, so I was well up for having a laugh.  When we got in, me and Dan decided to go and hang out in VIP which was fun for a while: nice sofas, private DJ, champange... but that got BORING!  I found a lift that said "employees only" on it, so obviously I went down in it and found myself in a cellar and so I took a piss down there, obvs.

After that, everything's kind of a blur, but luckily there's photos to job my memory

I remember ripping a picture off the wall (don't ask why, I have no idea!), smashing the frame off and trying to stuff it down my friend's trousers, and then lifting him up by his legs and holding him upside down.  Needless to say I was ejected from the club!

The next thing I remember is waking up in a hedge next to a bus stop on a bridge going over the motorway (about a 15 minute walk from the club) at 4am.  I could taste kebab in my mouth, so I must've wandered around town, got something to eat and then collapsed!  As I pulled myself up, I realised there was some random guy sat at the bus stop who was talking to me, which was a little disconcerting.  I just left him and stumbled to where my mates were parked (they were staying at a friends, but I had no idea where they lived).  It dawned on me at this stage that I'd lost both my phone and my wallet, so I couldn't call to see where they were :(  On arriving at their cars I thought it best that I waited for them there, so climbed onto the roof of one of the vehicles and slept for an hour.

I woke up SERIOUSLY cold, so found a payphone, ordered a taxi (which I was informed would cost me ?40 on arrival at my destination) and then when it got me home, I ran into some woods without paying and hid for 20 minutes until the driver drove off.  Harsh on him, but I had no other way of getting home!

I haven't had a hangover that bad for a LONG time and spent the rest of the day basically dying.
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

07/09/07 - Hastings and being accosted by a tramp

So I had nothing to do yesterday (Friday).  My dad had got a load of weed in so I nicked a bit of that and gave Matt a call to see if he wanted to go and sit by the steam railway (yeah, my town's seriously old school) and have a smoke, but he'd already agreed to drop Dan and Scott off in Hastings because they were going to some posh party.  I told him I'd go with him, purely to give me something to do.

We arrived in Hastings (which is a town right on the south east coast of Kent, if you don't know) an hour and half before the party started so decided to go and sit by the sea for a bit and have a smoke and a few beers while we waited.  We'd been sat there for about 10 minutes when the strangest woman in the world came and sat next to us.

She was dressed in a knackered leather jacket and carrying a plastic Tesco bag.  It wasn't immediately clear whether she was a tramp or just seriously scruffy, but it WAS clear that she was HAMMERED and absolutely drenched.  We tried to ignore her but she stood in front of us and started talking to us in a drunken slur.  She informed us that she'd been swimming in the sea in her clothes and that she'd managed to catch a mackeral (we assumed with her bare hands, because she definately didn't have a rod with her), and she then shook all of our hands (holding onto each of us for a little bit too long) and asked us our names.  She informed us that she was called Carla.

I'll try and roughly sum up the dialogue that ensued:

Carla:      "So you boys are students then?"
Me:         "Yeah, how can you tell, is it because we're clearly wasters? " *laughter*
Carla:      "You're wasted?!"
Me:         "Erm... Yeah, sure, whatever"
Carla:      "Oh my God, Wasted the band?  I thought I recognised you guys, I've seen you in the paper, I keep meaning to buy your CD"

we all glanced at each other, all thinking "wtf is this woman chatting about?"

Dan:        "Yeah, we're here as part of our tour"
Carla:      "What do you play?"
Me:         "I play the flute and sing"
Matt:      "I play the bagpipes"
Scott:     "I'm the drummer"
Dan:        "I play the hurdigurdy"
Carla:      "Right right.... I'VE JUST BEEN SWIMMING"
Dan:        You ought to get back in, you look like you could do with a wash
*she didn't hear that*

Much more drunken banter ensued, ending with Scott getting a picture of us and her openly groping my testicles which was seriously unpleasant but made for a great photo!  After that we took our leave, dropped Dan and Scott off at the party and then me and Matt headed back to Tenterden and sat outside the steam railway eating homous, bread and having a smoke until we'd smoked all the weed I had.  We then went back to mine, watched some telly, ate some coffee and then had a couple of joints with my dad and then he left and I went to bed.  Good night!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

04/09/07 - An 18th to end all 18ths

Current mood: awake

At our gig on Sunday I was informed of a party being thrown by a friend's little brother in celebration of his mate's 18th birthday on Tuesday.  He was going to be home alone and decided to have a little gathering, so obviously me and some of the boys decided to make an appearence.  I'd already got the Wednesday off work because we had studio time booked to record our new EP, so I didn't even have to worry about work the next day which was awesome!

We nipped to Tesco first and bought Stella and a few bottles of Strongbow (yeah, we're classy) and pulled up outside the house at about 8pm.  It was HEAVING.  There were a shit load of people outside and inside, and as we walked in it became clear that we were the oldest people at the party by at least two or three years, which was weird!  It was also pretty awesome to hear that they were playing our band on the stereo... love it!

MUCH MUCH drinking ensued:

Me and my boys are the right four, the two on the right are randoms

Me wearing the dog's blanket and Dom getting on the cider

After we'd polished off all our drink, Dan decided to take a viagra that he found on the floor, haha!  It kicked in after about five minutes and was the funniest thing in the world.  We lost him after that and I found him in the shed with two girls.  I walked in to join him and I'm not really sure what happened in there, but I managed to smash a window.  I don't want to remember what happened in there either, the girls there were all 17/18 which is just a little too young for my liking.

Anyways, in the morning we examined the carnage.  Holy shit, the smashed window was the least of the problems.  The host's mum's car had been DESTROYED.  All the tyres had been slashed, the windscreen wipers had been stolen, the wingmirrors had been kicked off, someone stole the car badges off the front and back and then scratched every part of the car with a key... seriously out of order.  We also found a pair of pants posted in the letterbox, one guy was asleep in nextdoor's garden, and Dan was asleep naked on the sofabed.

I then had to spend the day recording bass.  I felt minging.
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

A bit about me, let's call this "setting the scene

Current mood: tired

I'm currently on my summer holidays from Exeter University (I study physics with astrophysics) and like anyone who's ?1500 overdrawn, I've been working full time to get some cash together.  Where do I work, I hear you ask?  In a warehouse.  Polishing dolphin necklace pendants.  It's probably the western world's equivalent of sewing footballs in a sweat shop: minimum pay, cramped conditions and in sweltering heat.  Luckily no-one ever comes to check on me, making my job ripe for being abused. 

It started off with me listening to music while I worked.  I just thought that I may as well take my CD player in with me because it's not going to affect my ability to polish my metallic porpoise shaped friends (heaven forbid!), and I enjoyed a good five days of listening to banging tunes while I worked.  From there it's spriraled to sleeping, reading and taking my laptop in and surfing the 'net.  It's awesome.

I don't have to put up with this hard job for much longer though because I'm back at 'uni on the 22nd and I CAN'T WAIT.  Living at home sucks!
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