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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Part 1: Essentials To Become a Great Guitar Player

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I decided to make a blog to help out anyone (even though I don’t consider myself a professional yet!) who wants to play like Great Guitar Player.

This is Part 1 and I will explain these essentials. Exercises will be posted on the next part but you must understand these essentials to practice the exercises with these in mind.

So without further adooo…


Things you should focus and train the MOST when Practicing:


-Left Hand Finger Independence: This is one of the most important aspects of electric guitar playing that you should train. You’re supposed to master this aspect to be able to fret anything you want (without counting speed in though). Not only is this important to be able to grab the guitar and fret anything you want without having to practice it first on your left hand, but you will be able to improvise an expanded variation of melodies on your fret board since you don’t need to practice the finger movements for your fingers are independent to each other.



-Right Hand picking technique: This is also one of the most important aspects in playing electric guitar. You should be able to play anything starting with downstrokes or with upstrokes. When this is mastered you won't have problem with picking correctly everything. You should also be able to pick any distance of strings on your guitar with no struggle


-Right & Left hand coordination: With left hand finger independence, right hand picking technique and left and right hand coordination your playing experience will be so much fun and so easy that practicing speeding up your playing will be VERY EASY to do. With these 3 combined you'll be able to play ANYTHING, but I mean ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DREAMED OF PLAYING. Any variation of fret will come out naturally when you improvise, that you will be able to expand your improvisation. (Remember this is still not the essential to improvise, but it helps a lot) If you want to practice speed after having a high level of these 3 aspects you will advance very fast, trust me.


-Dynamics on guitar (very important):  I believe this is the most essential aspect in guitar playing...actually it’s the essential when playing any musical instrument. It makes you sound like a real pro, and you would be able to show every emotion with your playing. You are supposed to train this CONTINUOUSLY, each time you play anything; you should be able to add a dynamic. The only way to practice dynamics is to hear your favorite guitar players who play at high levels of dynamics and try to imitate their ways of playing, trying to sound like the guitar playing of that favorite artist. Your unique dynamic way of playing will develop through time after having practiced and trying to imitate MANY guitarists.


List of dynamics on Electric Guitar:

Up Slides

Down Slides

Hammer Ons

Pull Offs

Slow Vibrato

Fast Vibrato

Wide Vibrato

Closed Vibrato

(If you can do all of these vibratos with no tension, then that means you have a great vibrato control)


Release Bend

Vibrato Bend

Picking Hard

Picking Soft


Palm Mute

Hard Palm Mute

Soft Palm Mute

Pinch Harmonics

Scraping the pick

Slow Down Stroke arpeggio

Slow Up Stroke arpeggio

Whammy bar dynamics

(Your not supposed to memorize them, just know them and be able to use them naturally when playing something.) Dynamics come natural after a lot of practice with them.





I hope this helped a bit, even though the exercises I will give in the next part will help much more, this should give you an idea of how you should practice to master the guitar. You guys should practice anyway you like, the point is that if you want to master these aspects that will make you a master at guitar, you will have to practice exercises that are related to these essentials.


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ivan_2894 wrote on Feb 5th, 2009 5:42pm

really useful i think!



eaton1012 wrote on Mar 21st, 2009 4:06pm

Cool man, wheres part 2?


eltinchox wrote on Apr 11th, 2011 3:42am

tenias que continuar esto alex!! es espectacular u are the man!


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