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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heart meets hand(another song

Current mood: artistic

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things are different
and I'm glad they are
now I don't have to try so hard
to be loved
to be needed
to feel wanted
how I was treated

Pre Chorus
I've never felt this way
I prayed for something like this
and now I can write this...

Your love,
has captured me.
Now I can breathe
something Real
and your kiss and your touch
your MORE than enough
to have to hold and agree
this is where I stand
where my heart meets your hand

I was lost and confused
trapped as I sing
didn't know, who I should be
someone old
someone new
someone tired
or true(back to PreC)

I was once caged in a world with hartred
you rescued me and I will always follow where you lead
guide me away. With you I will always staayyyy (just chorus)
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