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Sunday, September 21, 2008

don't say you love me back(new song)

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Don't say you love me back

(VERSE one)
you overwhelmed me with Joy
happiness destroys this pastense disguise
giving you my all
getting nothing back
taken by suprise
Your turn, you have lost
you'll never get another chance
gave you my all
got nothing back
just take of your pants

Love, we're done believing
sick and tire of bleeding
give me surreal
so I won't be able to feel
if this is a cut or a bruise
maybe love is something I won't loose
this time it won't be so bad
if you don't say you love me back

Baby, Oh baby
you know how to sway me
give it to me like a lie
something I can hide
turn me on then tune me out
give me something you know
nothing about
Hurt me differnt then you've done before
don't be gentle
I can't take your sympathy
I can't take your stealy eyes stabing into me

Hate me good
don't be so nice
my pain is no more a price
I gave you love
I gave you surrender
now I think I found something better
cut my throat
and and let my heart bleed into your hands
watch as it stops to skip a beat.
and then, maybe you'll understand distinct.
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