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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heart meets hand(another song

Current mood: artistic

things are different
and I'm glad they are
now I don't have to try so hard
to be loved
to be needed
to feel wanted
how I was treated

Pre Chorus
I've never felt this way
I prayed for something like this
and now I can write this...

Your love,
has captured me.
Now I can breathe
something Real
and your kiss and your touch
your MORE than enough
to have to hold and agree
this is where I stand
where my heart meets your hand

I was lost and confused
trapped as I sing
didn't know, who I should be
someone old
someone new
someone tired
or true(back to PreC)

I was once caged in a world with hartred
you rescued me and I will always follow where you lead
guide me away. With you I will always staayyyy (just chorus)
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

don't say you love me back(new song)

Current mood: artistic

Don't say you love me back

(VERSE one)
you overwhelmed me with Joy
happiness destroys this pastense disguise
giving you my all
getting nothing back
taken by suprise
Your turn, you have lost
you'll never get another chance
gave you my all
got nothing back
just take of your pants

Love, we're done believing
sick and tire of bleeding
give me surreal
so I won't be able to feel
if this is a cut or a bruise
maybe love is something I won't loose
this time it won't be so bad
if you don't say you love me back

Baby, Oh baby
you know how to sway me
give it to me like a lie
something I can hide
turn me on then tune me out
give me something you know
nothing about
Hurt me differnt then you've done before
don't be gentle
I can't take your sympathy
I can't take your stealy eyes stabing into me

Hate me good
don't be so nice
my pain is no more a price
I gave you love
I gave you surrender
now I think I found something better
cut my throat
and and let my heart bleed into your hands
watch as it stops to skip a beat.
and then, maybe you'll understand distinct.
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Monday, August 18, 2008

I like my space! ...but please don't back up=(

Current mood: determined

Join myspace and be my friend.....lol..

URL: Downwiththesickness7

:Dhave a great day!
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

can we just be friends?

Current mood: bouncy

COME be my friend on Myspace<3
?por favor?
my uRl: downwiththesickness7 (Tiffany) :wavey:
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"IT's been a while"- Staind

Current mood: feeling the pain of the past

It's been a while since I've been on UG..I really miss the people!<3..I just made a myspace so if you want to add me my url is (downwiththesickness7)

a bunch has happend since I've last written....It's been like 2 months since Reese and I broke up...I guess what I thought was love..was just a cover up...I saw him todayand yesterday at afestival our town holds every summer..his booth was right next to mine..it was aweful..yesterday I had a major breakdown..and had to leave the festival..because it felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest..

but, it's not like I'm not trying to move on..I am..It's just I gave him so much of me..it impossible to get everything back...I'm broken hearted for some reason...I keep trying to tell my self "Tiffany, if he was the one he wouldn't have broken your heart"..but...doesn't everyone break your heart or let you down?....but, No...this is different..because he's not willing to fix it...
STOP thinking about it?......it's too late...
He should have never said everything he said...

"I love you..I'll never give up on you and you never give up on us...your the only one, Tiffany...I could never love anyone else....I would want God to take me home, if you ever left me..I would never do what we dowith anyone else..I will never touch another girl the way I touch you..I will never hurt you again, I don't want to loose you...I want to marry you...what's your ring size?...I want to be in your future"..

how can someone say these things and then tell you ..

"somethings changed...I've been feeling likeI don't love you anymore.."

then I wait a few weeks with him not telling me that he loves me living in heart ache of not being near him....then, only toend it with...

"I'm tired of waiting for you to decide if you love me or not..let me make up your mind...you don't because otherwise you wouldn't have to think about it"...

making me whisper those words of the end

"I will always love you.."
Then speed of listening to "the animal I've become"..not realising that those lyrics would make me who I am becoming...an animal
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Monday, May 05, 2008

"HELP! I need somebody HELP! not just any body!"

Current mood: confused

so it's been about 4 days..and I'm still hanging on..I'm missing him but..trying to be a strong minded girl..some one I thought I was...his brother drove by my house...we talked for a while..even though his not allowed to see me either... he said he "accidently" honked his horn and stoped his car..lol..See we used to have a band together way back when!...It was Reese, Ranse, Me, Brady, and sometimes Justin & Mellisa...but..we split up because his parents thought I was bad so they kind of forbid them from seeing me...let me remind you..they are 18 & 17 years old..I think it is about time to cut the cord. Any way it was nice talking to Ranse and he said he misses hanging out and jaming together and going to the movies with our youth group..he said he's going to the same college as me next semester and that we should hang out..which is awesome..because he gets along with my family..but I don't like Ranse like that..he's just a really amazing friend..plus I'm still madly in love with his brother...but, I'm kind of scared he's going to start sneaking around his parents to be my friend..which was the same thing Reese was doing(except it was in a romantic way)..I don't want to start something good in the wrong way again..ugh..I don't know if I should be his friend with him disobeying his parents or say.."hey, maybe you should let your parents know I'm not as bad as they think I am..because your an awesome christian friend and I don't want to mess things up again"..
URGH idk..:sad:what do you think I should do Joe?..lol..since your subscribed to my blog..lol:)
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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Current mood: actually okay

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 -- Whatever you do in a relationship now is likely to have lasting consequences. But even if everything is going well, some of the benefits may take a while to manifest. Don't quit even if your path seems difficult. It's not necessary to try to talk your way out of the somber feelings or the sense of disappointment. This is temporary and won't last, so don't waste too much energy fighting what will soon pass on its own.

okay here's my horoscope...it's so on que it's crazy..it normally is..which is quite strange since I don't even believe in it...
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Friday, May 02, 2008

half here...fully broken

Current mood: empty

Well, today I finally let him go...
I still Love him with more than anyone could ever imagine...but, we needed to do this long ago
..His parents still don't know..almost two years..it seems like he just left my house and I just caught my breath again. I already miss him like crazy...but, someone once told me
"somethings you have to set free and if they return then It's desinty"
I gave so much of me to him..that I feel that there's nothing left for me to give to another being..all the songs I wrote for him, I feel like they're meant to never besang again..all the words I spoke into existence for him, I could neversay to anyone else..although I still haven't got it in me to take his necklace off ...or take his pictures down...or stop using the perfume he gave me... I'm still full of hope...but so tired of waiting to FULLY be loved back with no restrain just to be embraced with only his armsofgentle happiness...to find that he's here because howHE feels ..and not just because I would be crushed and never be able to as happy, determined, passionate,loved,cared for, honestor as pleased with anyonese else besides him.
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OLD one))))) WHAT's LEFT

with a piece of my heart still left to give
I extend it out
So you can receive the rest of it
I was hurt only once before
But my fear of never to be loved
Has now been torn
You took the threat away
To only hear your heart sing to me
As you hold me close
A tune that will never betray
A lullaby with unset memories
That I pray will never go away
So what’s left
Is now yours
My heart weeps
Wounded and scorn
The layer that hasn’t been touched
Is thin, I tried to nurse it back to health
But it wasn’t much, there wasn’t enough
To bring it back whole again
So I waited till love caught up with time
Till you found me, and you became mine
Although there’s not much
Although it wasn’t kept
You can take the rest
You can have what is left
Baby, step after step
I went to fast
nothing can last
But, maybe this will
Maybe I’m healed
Heart spoken memories
Broken inside of me
What was love
Was not right
What I fought for
Wasn’t even a fight.
[back to CHORUS]
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

older one))) Tomorrow

By: Tiffany Jones
Does he love me?
Does he love me not?
If he does
Will it ever stop, tomorrow?
If I told him a secret
Would he hold?
Would he keep it, tomorrow?
If it lasts
If it fades away, tomorrow
Will we be friends?
Or enemies?
Will you tell me?
Pretty please, tomorrow?
Is this LOVE,
That I’m feeling?
Is this love?
Or should I be leaving, tomorrow?
Tomorrow…Tomorrow…Tomorrow…(music/guitar solo )
If I’m right
Could we last through
One more fight, tomorrow?
If it rained,
would you hold me tight?
Would you laugh, if I cried?
So do you love me?
Do you love me not?
If you do will it ever stop?
5:03 pm - 1 comments - 2 Kudos
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