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Friday, November 04, 2011

15 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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This is mainly for people who actually know me, and on UG, there are only two people who do - one has moved to a boarding school, and the other won't add me because of Horsedick.MPEG posting on my profile. :haha:

  1. Even though I have said that I despise keyboard and piano players, I do dabble a bit on the keyboard. It’s acceptable because I can already play a real instrument.
  2. Vengeance is my favourite theme. It’s quite interesting to me. Can revenge really satisfy someone, or will he still be in pain from the original injury? Some people may have noticed a trend when I said that I like Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig’s Bond films and God of War.
  3. I occasionally paint models. It’s calming and relaxing and I love attention to detail.
  4. I have to be clean. Hygiene is important to me. I also spend more time washing my hands than pissing! I just can’t stand  how germs travel – from a dirty football, to a hand rail, to hands, to food and then in someone’s mouth.
  5. I truly do enjoy laughing at other peoples’ misfortunes. C’mon, it’s hilarious because it’s not happening to me!
  6. Sunshine and raining at the same time is my favourite weather. How often do you get to see the two together?
  7. I’m not actually moody all the time - I just have lines under my eyes and lazy eyebrows.
  8. A composer sounds like a decent job for me. I can do it well, at least according to my grades in music class and my ear! I enjoy listening to film music too, so composing for films and video games sounds good for me.

A realistic alternative would be a session guitarist. I don’t mind playing guitar for stars I detest as long I get decent money for it. Ideally, I would like to be a lead guitarist in a modern thrash metal band, but putting a band together is harder than it seems.

If all else fails, I will become a music teacher.

  1. Playing with other musicians is something I love, even if I’m playing jazz with some noob who can only play three chords.
  2. I don’t argue with people to annoy them, I simply like a good argument. Wouldn’t it just be boring if everyone just followed what one person said?
  3. Pachelbel’s Canon is my favourite piece of romantic music, Mozart’s 40th symphony is my favourite piece of classical music and Moonlight Sonata is the greatest late classical/early romantic piece. I should probably mention that Toccata and Fugue by J.S Bach is the greatest baroque piece in my opinion. If you’re reading this, you probably know my favourite bands.
  4. I don’t like violent games just for the gore. It’s a great way to vent out some stress or anger. The feeling of gouging out Poseidon’s eyes in God of War III is unmatched.
  5. Nothing can cheer me up more than old Simpsons episodes.
  6. Richard III is now one of my role models. While killing family and children don’t appeal to me, his use of his wit and intelligence to get what he wants is simply brilliant.
  7. I never speak about what I’m feeling, unless it’s something trivial or unless I’m really aggravated. I just think it’s selfish to dump your problems on someone else. Why would they want to worry about your problems? Surely, it is better to learn to deal with your problems yourself, unless you really need help?
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