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MaggaraMarine (1)
Thursday, November 03, 2011

50 Things I Hate in Music

Current mood: aggravated

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From tonality to rhythm to heavy guitar cases! I just need to vent out some anger. :grrr:
1. The scale of C major. Overused and I like flats or sharps.
2. The overuse of major keys. What happened to minor keys?!
3. Lack of modal music. It sounds...interesting because it's different to the modern major/minor system!
4. How modes are taught terribly. They are NOT “just the white notes” on a keyboard and they are not new scales!
5. Crap acoustics, especially in the music rooms at my school. It will make your instrument sonically vomit all over your ears.
6. The overuse of pianos in music lessons. The timbre is starting to annoy me.
7. Harmonising in thirds AND sixths. What’s wrong with just thirds? Sixth intervals are too spacious!
8. That guy from the Beatles strumming Emaj god-knows-how-many times in quavers in 4/4 without any rhythm or pitch variations. At least invert the damned chord!
9. The overuse of powerchords in rock and metal. Sometimes, a section with some lovely diatonic third dyads would be nice. Harmonic movement for the win!
10. Eighties guitarists overusing the vibrato bar.
11. It is NOT a tremolo bar, it is a VIBRATO BAR!
12. The word “rhythm”. I still have trouble spelling it!
13. The melodic minor scale is a bitch. So you want to change your mind on the way back?
14. MIDI sounds. My ears die when I hear MIDI. Horrid sound quality.
15. Crap recording equipment. I would not like to have my ears burst after playback, thank you very much.
16. The “ear rape” section in Fur Elise. What was Beethoven thinking?!
17. Noob versions of Pachelbel’s Canon that have been transposed from D to C. It’s only two sharps!
18. Accidentals…so out of place. Maybe I’m just a bit OCDish?
19. Monophonic textures. BORING! You can’t think of another instrument.
20. Casual music noobs who can only play three guitar chords.
21. Casual music noobs who don’t learn theory.
22. Those who take the “theory is useless” approach. Have fun finding a key to start with!
23. Dissonance. It sounds horrible.
24. The focus on vocals in pop music, as if all the other instruments are not important enough.
25. Ridiculous amount of autotune in modern pop music.
26. How people go for having many ideas in a composition. Just change the idea you already have!
27. Noobs who cannot use their little finger while playing the guitar.
28. Ab or G#. I always felt that it’s the stupid note of the scale.
29. Ridiculous drop tuning. Anything below drop-D is just stupid. The timbre is horrible and no one wants to set up a guitar for that.
30. Bad guitar lessons. I saw a guy who posted a lesson, wondered why there was no sound and then realised that his amp wasn’t on.
31. Heavy guitar cases. Why did I buy one?!
32. Piano or guitar players who only know shapes, and don’t know where the notes are. NOOBS!
33. Seventh chords, especially dominant sevenths and diminished sevenths.
34. Acoustic fags who play the same 3 chords, without even thinking about inversions or changing the root note.
35. Pop bands trying to be metal. You may have crushing distortion, but your voices make you sound like twats. POSEURS!
36. Diminished and augmented triads. They sound so…wrong.
37. The noob who thinks the key of a piece is determined by the melody, as opposed to the chords.
38. Lyrics. Really, who cares? The music is where it is at!
39. Noobs who have to stay inside of the stave.
40. Computer generated music. Your synth sounds disgusting, and so does that atrocious thing you call a drum beat.
41. Noobs who always write in 4/4 with an accent on every beat. So clichéd.
42. Noobs who can’t change chord voicings while composing. Just change the note order - it’s not rocket science!
43. Guitar Hero. It will make you suck at real guitar if you play it for too long.
44. Tuning from E stanard to Eb. Such as small pitch difference, but so much effort and frustration.
45. Ternary form noobs. Scared to throw in another idea?
46. Those who treat music as a competition. You can sweep at 2847494 beats per minute? It will probably sound sloppy anyway.
47. Major seconds, unless they are not played as a chord or unless they are not part of a sus2 or sus4 chord. Minor seconds suck too. Horrible, horrible dissonance!
48. “Plus ones”. The sections in my compositions MUST have an even number of bars!
49. Triplet quavers and normal quavers…in the same composition. It just ruins the feel and destroys the pace!
50. Interrupted cadences.
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MaggaraMarine wrote on Dec 4th, 2011 5:50pm

2. Major is OK IMO, like in blues.
3. agree
9. agree
10. Disagree. '80s rules and I don't know any '80s guitarist that over uses whammy bar. Of course those wanna-be '80s whammy bar guys suck.
11. It's a WHAMMY BAR!
14. I think they are OK, I have used Power Tab a lot.
16. agree
20. agree
21. Jimi Hendrix? You don't need to know theory to sound good, of course it's good to know some, it makes playing/composing easier.
24. agree (I have an instrumental rock band, check it out :D)
25. agree
27. Marty Friedman? I don't use my pinky that much.
29. Agree. It doesn't make you sound more brutal when you play in drop Z tuning.


MaggaraMarine wrote on Dec 4th, 2011 5:50pm

31. I like the case that I got when I bought my Charvel.
33. Yeah. Sometimes they are OK but V7 chord just makes some chord progressions sound bad.
34. agree
35. agree (if you don't count glam metal, OK it's not pop)
37. Erm, dude. I wouldn't say so. It's determined by both.
38. Agree, I don't hate lyrics but I hate people who listen to music only because of lyrics. If a song doesn't have "good lyrics" they don't listen to it even though they liked the melody.
43. GH is OK as a game but people are thinking they are some real guitar heroes when playing the game.
44. Agree but I think the Eb tuning is there because blues pianists like to use Eb pentatonic scale (black keys) and for guitarist it's easier to use E pentatonic than Eb pentatonic and that's why they tune the guitar down half steps. But yeah, I can't hear much difference in sound between those two.
46. agree
49. That's called groove.


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