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metalkamikazee (2)
Saturday, September 04, 2010

I am buying a guitar kit and i wanted to paint it

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I am buying a guitar kit and i wanted to paint it with spraypaint. Could one of you lovely people here at UG please help me. Preferably step by step directions on how to paint an already stripped down guitar body
                                     Thank You:cheers:
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metalkamikazee wrote on Sep 5th, 2010 2:09am

it's pretty easy actually (i've done this before). If you are going to paint it just a solid color (ie. red, blue, etc) then its easy but if you are going to add some sort of design then it might be hard.
1st - take everything off. Take the pickguard, knobs, strings, and pick-ups. And if possible, take off the bridges.
2nd - tape everything up. the borders of the neck, the bridge, and maybe the pick-ups
3rd - paint. try not to go cheap on paint. If you buy cheap paint, it might crack or fade away easily
4th - enjoy your freshly painted guitar. wait about a day before putting things back on

Good Luck
I repainted my dean razorback about a year ago. Go check it out in my profile


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