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Sunday, February 01, 2009

it's a boy!!!

Current mood: ecstatic

hello to all..... over the past year, my lovely wife Lisa and i have been actively engaged in the process of adopting an infant boy. well, now it is all coming together. next thursday, february 5 we will be flying about 20 hours, half way around the world, to Taiwan to meet our son, Tyler, for the first time. we will finalize the process and bring him home to Chicago on Feb. 11th.
   he is a handsome, healthy boy, born on july 9, 2008. we are thrilled to add to our family. our daughter Lauren (now 6 1/2) was adopted from Kazakhstan in the spring of 2003. we have been down this road before and we know that this final week of waiting will be the most difficult. over the past few months, we have received many pictures and videos of Tyler, and we can not wait to bring him home.
   i have been so busy lately dealing with legal paperwork, teaching and coaching issues, and making our travel plans.
   in the meantime, i am putting the final touches on a new original song that i hope to release before we leave. it is partially about my son, my family and my world. it is titled "what if". as you listen, please think of me and my family. i will be in contact in a few weeks
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