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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: a fan's th

having seen the movie as of tonight...i have mixed reactions on it. there's a small summary at the bottom if you don't want to muddle through this skyscraper of text...but i did take time to write it so i would appreciate it.

i liked that it was humorous, in fact i really enjoyed  and appreciated the humor in the movie. in certain parts it would accentuate scenes perfectly and give you a good laugh.

the acting was better than in the other movies, i was surprised to find that the levels of "cheese" were kept to a minimum and when they did start to rise it was usually a comical situation. all the actors have surely matured and learned how to..."act" to put in simple terms.

the sexual tension was...much better than i expected but could still have been worked on. again i'll say that im surprised and very glad it wasn't cheesy but they added/changed too many damn scenes from the book when it came to this subject. the kissing scene with Lavender and Hermione's reaction, the hospital scene and Ron's drowsy "hermione" part, Harry and Ginny in the room of requirement...i mean wtf! i understand time is an issue and that's why certain scenes are changed/combined but as a reader of the books i cannot forgive changes in pivotal scenes like this which really set a mood and make the subplot of the story complete.

next the attention to detail in the movie was horrible. what i mean by this is in any of the other movies you could watch the story unfold without any prior knowledge of who or what Harry Potter is and still enjoy the films and their story. in this film...if you don't know the previous story...i'm sorry but you're going to be lost for the entire duration of the film. i went to see it with a friend of mine, who has seen the other movies but never read the books and isn't really a HP follower so to speak. throughout the movie i was explaining to him who people were and what they were doing and why they were doing it etc. etc. nothing at all was explained! even i was watching was forced to make sense of things in my head. if i hadn't read the book and known the story beforehand, i would have been like many people in the theater, completely lost.

but what really bothered me above anything else...was the exclusion/alteration of multiple important scenes from the book. for example, what happened to the memory of Marvolo Gaunt and the ring? or the memory of that fat woman and the cup? what about the entire description of Horcrux's and why the hell they're so important? the hinting of a 7th Horcrux? where was the Quidditch finals and Harry's detention for nearly killing Draco? had they added this, the real love scene between Harry and Ginny could have happened which would have made lots more sense than the one they made up. what happened to the final battle at Hogwarts? why the hell wasn't Harry in his invisibility cloak and paralyzed when Dumbledor was killed? why oh WHY did Harry meet up with Snape underneath that platform (at this point i said "wtf" out loud) and just sit there and watch as they killed Dumbledor? where was Greyback and his fight with George Weasley? why wasn't that ending scene with Snape running away more powerful and emotional on Snape's part? he was supposed to go apeshit on Harry at this point but  for some reason remained cool. i also think that the whole "half blood prince" thing wasn't played on nearly as long as it should have. the movie should have revolved around that book and it's spells, but instead it didn't for reasons unknown to me.

and last and probably largest complaint...where the hell was the funeral? where the hell was arguably the single most emotional and hard hitting scene in the entire 7 book series? i felt...robbed to not be allowed to see Dumbledor's funeral. when i read that part in the book, the visualizations and reenactments of that scene had brought tears to my eyes. i was moved by all that was happening and quite frankly, i don't know how you can do the book justice by not having that scene. in the movie, we didn't see anyone's reaction to his death, Harry was the only one who really did anything...everyone else just stared. it plays down Dumbledor's death so very much and doesn't make the viewer understand the importance and impact of this occurrence. it would have been a much better way to have ended the movie the original way, much more bittersweet, and much more interesting.

i also thought that part after his death where everyone raised up their wands to get rid of the dark mark was over doing it. if there was any cheesy moment in the movie i didn't like, it was that one.

overall, i enjoyed the movie's lightheartedness, i enjoyed the special effects, i enjoyed the teenage love quarrels along with all of the comedic relief, the acting was good, the (very sparse) action was cool...but, this movie deviated far too much from the book to be considered acceptable and did not adequately explain the story so that it would be understandable to someone who may not be too sharp with the details. the changes/alterations in scenes would have been fine had they not been so drastic and took away from the general understanding and enjoyment of the story itself. if the people making these movies hired a new screenwriter who stuck to the original story, i'd find the movies perfect.

Summary: it was a good movie, but it could have been written a lot better. if you're an avid fan of the books, it's worth watching even though you're in for a disappointment. if you merely follow the movies, you'll enjoy it just fine.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Alex Lifeson's gear for the last S&A tour

Current mood: content

quoted from the man himself form a magazine i bought while the tour was going on (yea i realize im a year late on it, but i just found the post which contained all of this.

and for the record i typed it all out so please....enjoy or i'll kill you

AMPS: i use two Alex Lifeson model huges & kettner triamps as my main stereo sound. In two of my monitors, there's a 15ms dealy between the two Triamps so i can get a left and right sound, leaving the middle monitor open for vocals, drums, and bass. i use two Huges & Kettner Switchblades for peripheral sounds. They'll have various effects on them, and they'll be panned hard left and right, and i kick in those two amps to create the presence of another instrument.

GUITARS: this is the part of the stable of guitars for this tour. i've got a couple of Gibson Les Pauls with piezos in them. i also have a Gibson Howard Roberts that has a piezo and is tuned G G D G C E (low to high) for "the way the wind blows". my white ES-335 is back out again this time around. That's my baby. it's just so deliciously great sounding. i have an SG with a whammy - it's in standard tuning. i have my Gibson doubleneck here at rehearsals, but i'm not so sure if it will make an appearance. i'm bringing Garrison 12 strings in D A D A A D tuning for "Hope" and "the main monkey business". i'm also bringing a Garrison G-50 that i did most of the recording on the album with. i run my acoustics though Fishman Auras. Those really help the piezo tone - they're very acoustic sounding.

RACK: my rack is pretty straight foward. i don't have a lot of stuff in there but it's really effective. the main things are a Dunlop DCR - 1SR Crybaby Rack Wah, a T.C. Electronic 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus/Flanger, and the T.C. G-Forces - i use three and one is a spare. i use the 1210 for chorus. i may add a second one or use a Loft chorus. The Loft chorus is on the "Limelight" solo. i have a couple of Behringer mixers that i run into the Voodoo Lab GCX switchers.

PEDALBOARDS: at Lifeson's feet are an Ernie Ball volume pedal, a Dunlop DCR-12FC foot controller, an Axess Electronics FX1 MIDI controller, a set of Korg MPK 180 bass pedals for triggering keyboard sounds, and a lone Boss TU-12H tuner.

and there you have it, if you're a hardcore fan and feel like blowing thousands of dollars on really awesome gear, this would be the starting point
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